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Tuesday, August 29

Highlights Of A Bank Holiday Weekend

I had a good weekend. It was a chance to catch up on sleep and do things that felt like summer, even though summer is fast fading away.

Friday was a work day and was mainly about trying to get a handle on what little I know of my short term future. Friday evening was made of curry.

On Saturday we went to Cardiff to a music festival. We got into the field where it was being held a bit sooner than perhaps we should, and discovered that they didn't let you in and out as you pleased. So we were stuck. We filled our time with some food, a trip to the inflatable church to watch a cod wedding, and sitting about. The cod wedding was not especially amusing, though there was a highlight for me. They got to the bit where they asked for people to say why the couple should not be married, and everyone shouted out something offensive, which was a bit inappropriate in front of the young girl in a bridesmaid outfit, but then the fact that the bride and groom were both lairy welsh men probably made the whole thing well beyond just inappropriate. Anyway as people insulted the groom's sexual prowess, or claimed to be getting gratuitous sexual favours from the bride, the young girl decided she wanted a go. She grabbed the microphone and declared: "he has brown hair!". I led the applause.

The music on offer was variable. We could have gone to see The Pipettes but I couldn't trust myself not to throw something. We saw Bez from the Happy Mondays working the crowd during a dj set. . . Funny!

We got into the throng for Echo and The Bunnymen, not because we liked them or had heard of them, but more because it was time to join the crowd. Lily Allen had just been on, and she seemed to know how to perform live. Echo seemed to be a spoiled lot with the roadies pretty much wiping their spoiled asses for them. Indeed, watching the roadies set up was a highlight.

We were there for Badly Drawn Boy, and he did not disappoint. At one stage he asked the crowd to clap in 6/8. They had no idea. Cracking!

Then we left. Snow Patrol were headlining, but we'd had enough.

Somehow we had managed to avoid festival burgers, and we celebrated with my official festival food: subway.

We slept, we rose and we returned to Longleat. We had been there earlier in the season and had a ticket which allowed you access to every attraction once within the season. Last visit, we did the safari and then it rained so hard that we gave up and came home. This time the weather was good to us and we did most of what we could possibly do. A lot of this involved queueing. Only one of these queues was a huge experience, and it had to be the one where we were right behind a family with lairy kids and who seemed to think that all kids eat is calories. Crisps, sweets, biscuits. . . It was amazing. I'll admit that I was watching with the eyes of a reforming fatty, but it was still astounding to behold. It's no surprise that we have a nation of obese kids. I say bring back rationing!

The weekend was rounded off by bank holiday monday during which I did far too much sleeping. After only a few hours of being awake, I drove to my gig in East London. Note to self, the sat nav really does insist on a damn stupid route through London.

The gig went pretty well, which was good because it looked like going either way. I listened to a recording of it as I drove home and it wasn't quite as good to listen to as I remember it being, but I felt good on stage, like I knew what I was doing. Which is nice.

Apart from all of that, I failed to get any Diy done, and managed to advance the status of my mortgage, and book tickets for Sunday In The Park With George, which ends on Saturday. Not bad for one weekend.


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