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Saturday, August 5

Saturday Sat on a Train

It's the afternoon and I have a slight headache. Rather than planning an evening in with my girlfriend, or even having a full day out with her on my last weekend before disappearing to Edinburgh, I appear to have chosen to travel to London to attempt to perform this stand up show. This should be show 5, but if it goes ahead it will actually be show 4. Such is the nature of cancelling last night.

As you can tell, I'm not impressed with the situation, but I intend on being professional and responsible enough to see it through, no matter how stupid.

Today has been pleasant enough. Soon after waking up I sorted out the internet connection in the house, which means that we can now remove the old computer which was acting as the unreliable hub. At some point soon after that we went out and bought a cat.

I've never bought a cat before. I've bought a dog, or at least was present when a dog was bought. I've bought many chickens, but they were dead and for eating. So a cat purchase is a first for me. The young kitten has yet to be named, and is to live with my girlfriend's sister. Before going out to buy it, I was sent to buy a free ads paper, in which people advertise things for sale, like ebay but simpler. I was also asked to drop by the local vet's for advice.

The vet's advice amounted to 'go to a reputable cat charity'. We read that as 'head to a high rise in a bad part of town and hand over 40 quid to a pair of tattooed chavs, the male of which does not wear a shirt.

So there's a new pet in the family. It won't be spending too much time at my girlfriend's house as the adult cat who lives there immediately showed hostile signs. Given that this cat has been known to attack my foot if I wake up and move it in the bed, this is not a surprise.

The problem with bringing strange animals into the house is that you don't know what else they are bringing in. I hope that neither flees nor worms have also joined the clan.

One bit of good news came today by email. I'm doubling up tomorrow night, doing a show in Richmond as well as Camden. I just found out that I am closing in Richmond, so I don't have to rush as much as I feared. The MC also intends to give me a copy of a book he's contributed to. Bonus.


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