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Friday, November 24

What To Say

Today is the first day in a while that I've not been boiling up with something to write here. I can attest to the fact that it's hard to write when you haven't got something to say. Last night I tried adding to the script I'm writing and realised that I only had one idea, and that was gone in a single stage direction. As a result I wrote nothing that made me think I'd keep it. Shame.

Today I've simply had more important things on my mind. This is excellent. I'm busy at work writing something which I feel I fully understand. This is excellent. Things are starting to turn a corner and I'm looking forward to more of the same. That's worth saying. I don't want to give the impression that I'm quivering with bliss, but I'm not chewing my fingers off either. So a definite improvement.

I even managed a 10 minute head start on my morning's trip to work, woken up partly by the arrival of a Cd I bought on ebay: 4 episodes of Just A Minute. This proved ample company in the car as I headed to work, losing my head start to the traffic, but not caring too much.

Tonight I have a gig in Redhill. This is not excessively far from my office and promises to be a sell out crowd. Hopefully it will go well, though I have some fears about the party of 23 that have booked in advance. It could go to a bad place as they will form about half the audience, and if one misbehaves, they all might follow suit. Not brilliant. Still I'll be optimistic. Following alterations to my new song, I've decided not to risk the one I've never performed, and just go with this one that I've done the once. Undoubtedly a report will follow for the small percentage of people who can pretend to give a toss.

I must remember to add some more recommended blogs to this site. I read quite a few blogs regularly, thanks mainly to the program I use to track them all and alert me of updates. I don't know exactly what makes a good post, which is probably for the best, since it might make me self conscious about what I write, but I do know that I find some blogs riveting and some posts more interesting than others.

I read blogs by a handful of comedians, some of which are more accomplished than I, some less so. I think that the experience of being a comedian transcends how good you are at it. There are ideas you must tell people about. There are things you agonise over. There are doubts in your abilities. There are times when you say 'I can do this' and are either right or necessarily self deluding. Reading that it's not just me on that is very reassuring.

But I read other blogs too. I identify with people who are not like me. I think that honest writing is always going to be compelling, especially if it's kept away from those evil marketing types who replace substance with hype.

So, though the most exciting event in the last day was probably the buying of a book in Tesco last night, I enter this weekend in a positive frame of mind. . . Easily spoiled by a bad gig, no doubt.


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