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Monday, December 22

A quick bit of bloggage from the EasyInternet cafe here on Oxford Circus. I still think that Stelios would have called it EasyPorn if he could have gotten away with it... and he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids.

The Scooby Doo gang strikes again.

Anyhoo. It has been something of a blast since the last bloggage. Sunday saw my trip down south. A trip that was enriched with good company to look forward to. Given my rule never to mention people by name, I shall only say that it's good to spend time with a friend and worth a trip of any great distance in order to achieve it.

Sadly the trip revealed a flaw in my car - its exhaust started playing merry hell with the background level of silence that normally exists in the world. This was a cause for some concern - especially since the car is such a vital companion in my world. Then to add injury to insult, my stomach decided to remind me how uncomfortable it can be. Then to add injury to injury, my big toenail on my right foot - that's the right foot (I know how important detail can be) also started hurting.

Waking up this morning it was time to sort two of these three problems out. I'm glad to say that the pressure in my stomach passed between Leicester and London. I'm not going to say how this passage occurred... needless to say I was relieved, but I was about as disgusted as I was relieved by the relieving process. Glad I was alone at the time.

The first call of the day was Archway Tyres and Exhausts in, well, Archway. This is a car parts fittery. I always worry about these places. This one was brilliant. They replaced two sections of my exhaust - it's the law that you never replace only one... the adjoining section always needs replacing too. They charged me a double figure sum for their efforts and my car growls no more. Woohoo!

Second call of the day was the hotel where I'm now staying. I've unpacked and I think I have a nicer room than I did last year, so I'm quite happy with the arrangements.

Third call was a wander round London, somewhat aggravating my toenail ailment. This caused me to make a positive and decisive move. I have bought the mother of all nail scissors. These are more nail pliers. I am going to have a right go at my poorly toe later this evening and it shall suffer poorliness no more. I'm pleased to declare my nail scissors a very Ashley solution. If in doubt, buy a new tool.


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