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Monday, December 20

Another day that didn't stop (Sunday, that is)
I am glad I slept in for two hours longer than I'd planned to. I still awoke at a respectable pre-lunchtime hour and had something in the way of breakfast (well some freshly sliced bread) before heading out for a bike ride. I covered eight and a half miles. I didn't reach a level of exhaustion or leg fatigue which was noticeable. I twice crossed the Millennium bridge between Newcastle and Gateshead while mounted (on the bike, that is). I even nearly got myself arrested for cycling on Northumberland Street - apparently it's no cycling. The copper seemed satisfied when I apologised and took to wheeling the bike. Overall, I had fun on the road (pavement, car parks, bridges etc).

After a brief lunch at home, I rushed out to my rehearsal in Durham. We rehearsed, which involved much in the way of standing up and sitting down - ideal for recently tired cycling legs! We rehearsed some more, making my gruff voice something which came quite naturally, rather than having to be put on. We rehearsed a little more... and then I was free.

Rushing home, I had time for something to eat, some watching of the Simpsons, which was actually a cover to do an hour and half's ironing. Then I had to rush out to attend a poorly computer. I'd previously attended this computer the night before, where I'd escaped at about 8.30 with a sense that this machine would need me back. Tonight I was a lot more confident, though I have worries about the installation of Office. I guess time will tell.

Yesterday's computer setup taught me something curious. I'm not naive when it comes to internet security, but I was absolutely stunned to find that, within only a short time of being connected to the internet, the computer I was setting up was riddled with nasty things that the internet had forced it to download and run. The aim was to get online and then, within a few minutes, download appropriate blocking software to fight such nasties. The internet hacking types had the machine downloading gay porn of its own volition and, more worryingly, installing software in front of our very eyes, within minutes. By the time we had the blocking software downloaded, it was a case of closing the stable door after the horse had bolted. I've been spoiled by my prior internet experiences (which have always been safely behind a private network - like the one I set up for myself to avoid such nasties).

Tonight, we reinstalled everything and put the blocking software on before even thinking of connecting to the net.

It's been a full day and I'm pretty tired now. I think I deserve some rest. So, off to bed.


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