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Thursday, March 24

Summarising the last few days in one. I returned to work. I don't think that they'd changed a great deal of things in my absence this time. There was stuff to catch up with, but it wasn't too radical.

Time was spent at home. Curries were eaten. We tried to get a pub meal from a pub which serves food all day (but not in the evening). Lunches were enjoyed in town with my house guest and I making time to spend together. More curries were eaten. We went to watch some comedy in Newcastle - the regular Tuesday night gig in Heaton. Life tasted good... albeit slightly of curry.

My occasional housemate returned from Bolton and the household swelled to 3 - the most people who have lived in the household for an extended period in a very long time.

Tonight we went to see Kiss Me Kate at the Theatre Royal. This was a professional production and it was very very good. I was debating with myself about which musical I plan to do next. It's a choice between Kiss Me Kate and Titanic which are being staged in February 2006 by Tynemouth and Durham groups respectively. I hadn't listened to the Titanic soundtrack yet, despite my efforts in procuring it, but Kiss Me Kate was looking a favourite already.

We sat on the front row. I've done this before and it can make some of the upstage action look a bit confusing, especially if there's stuff happening downstage. It can also give you a smashing view of all the performers and a much bigger experience of the show. The latter was the case on this occasion. We sat in the middle of the front row. Good seats. I was pleased with them. There was a disabled man on the very left of the row. This wasn't noteworth in itself... bear with me. Sitting to the left of us were two women. As the interval approached, the women asked if they could leave the row by passing us (even though the other aisle was closer). The request went something like this:

Woman: Can we go out your way? - the man on the end has sticks.
Me: Are you worried that he'll attack you with them.
Woman: (failing to recognise the joke in my comment) Er, no. He's just disabled.

Ah how I laughed. Then I stopped.

The show also starred Michael Greco. He of ex-Eastenders stardom. He really speaks in that gruff a voice. Not only that, but he sings in a gruff voice. He was one of the "toughs" who sing "Brush up your shakespeare". He did really well, but I feel for him. Having such a gruff voice - all phone calls will sound like obscene phone calls. Weird.

It was a good show and a good night. I was leaning more towards it as my next musical.


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