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Monday, May 9

Despite the late night last night, I actually managed to raise my sorry ass out of bed at a respectable hour. At that earliness (in my terms, at least) it was even worth measuring the time in half hours. It was after 8 but before half past. What a surprise. I consciously snoozed my two alarm clocks for a bit, but the outcome was inevitable and in the favour of getting to work on time.

I had to go to work by bus as my car was still in the servicing place. Also known as a garage. Also known as "I hope they don't manage to charge me too much - how much is the car actually worth?".

The day in the office was quite busy and I actually got to do something which I wanted to do. I want to do stuff that takes me and my team further forwards towards our current work commitments. So, I had some degree of job satisfaction. That's not bad for a Monday.

I took a slightly elongated lunchtime, but that proved useful, as I lunched with a colleague and we set the world to rights over pizza and some sort of filo pastry thing. No idea what it was.

Come early afternoon, it transpired that my car was ready for collection. It had been there since Thursday and it was time to see how much money it had clocked up since. How much can they do over a long weekend? It turns out that it didn't clock up that much. A bit more than a service, but not too much more.

With my car back in my possession and with a bright early evening, there was no point in returning to the office. I had urges. Spring urges. Time to spring clean.

My housemate and musical collaborator had recently vacated the house and so I decided to give his room a good old tidy up. I also started the rather long process of reorganising my dining room. I put washing through the machine, I emptied bins... I even put a new gas strut on the boot of my car - I can open and close it now without fear of it breaking.

In a post-Simpsons moment of excitement, I ate a rice pudding, realised that there was another Simpsons coming on and started my ironing. I even finished it. I had half an evening in the house and I was a whirlwind. I soon wound down to a halt and spent the rest of the night on this blog, online and on the phone.


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