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Tuesday, May 10

I thought I might be able to spend some time after work today continuing with the spring cleaning. Fate was not on my side. The project we were working on was running late and the only thing to do to put it right was put extra time in. So I did. I joined with my team mates and worked until after 8. We didn't even get any mints for our efforts. However, the beers stood suggestively on the desk, offering reward for the completion of our efforts if we made it by Thursday morning. It was going to be tricky.

At around 8.30, I headed off. I had reached the point where I wasn't going to be of much further use and there was a gig across town which I wanted to go to. As a comedian it's important for me to go to as many gigs as possible, even if I am not performing. The art of comedy is something which one needs to be immersed in. I've always been a comedy fan, so going to comedy nights is something I should do anyway.

On the way to the gig I thought I'd grab some food. For some reason, it was the turn of Kentucky Fried Chicken to get my custom. I was served by a woman who spoke English with a very thick accent. I don't know which country she was from; she clearly wasn't native to this one. There were a few issues of understanding and I eventually managed to make it clear that I wanted a couple of items off the menu and wanted to eat in. She started, quite slowly, preparing my order, and then informed me that I couldn't sit in as the shop was nearly closing. Had this been someone else, I might have become irritable or frustrated. However, I recognised her as someone who was adapting to a different way of life and culture and she was being nice about it. As I was to eat the food out (I eventually ate it on a picnic table just outside the shop) I asked for extra napkins. She brought me what I wanted, and more, and smiled at me when she handed over the food and napkins in the way that a mother might smile at her favourite son when giving him a slightly extra portion of the meal she'd just made. It was a nice experience, even if the Colonel might not approve of her slow and confused manner. Perhaps the Colonel will ultimately drive her personality from her.

At the gig things were very pleasant and I laughed a few times. I even got to mark the quiz. I should have been stressed from the office, but perhaps the hard work pays off. As a long walk can relax you from stress, perhaps working a few extra hours can relax you too. If you know you're doing all you can, then you can sleep easy at night.


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