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Monday, April 24

Car issues
One of the big features of my month off blogging was definitely the car. It featured quite heavily in my life, or at least its absence did. Following the minor road accident, one morning in Februrary (or was it January?), I took my car to have its bodywork sorted out. A company in Bracknell did the work for me. All I had to do was swap my car for their loan car and then wait for them to tell me that it was done. In some ways the accident had been a good thing in that the damage included the wheel-arch, which was rusting quite badly anyway. Unfortunately, it was only damaged on the driver's side, and the passenger's side could have done with repair too.

I ended up driving a fairly new Vauxhall Corsa for about 10 days while my car was being fixed. The Corsa had a steering-wheel mounted controller for its radio, which was undoubtedly its best feature. The performance and drive of the car was distinctly average and uninteresting. The new-car smell, was nice. The size of the interior was less so, given that I'm a large chap and it was not a large interior.

The car came with a 100 mile per day maximum. I was worried about exceeding this, given that I had a gig in Liverpool during the period I was borrowing the car. Somehow, though, the weekend off driving it, in which I got my girlfriend to drive me around, seemed to bring the average back down.

Getting my car back, I discovered that they'd freshly valeted it, which made me feel like I ought to treat it less like my mobile dustbin. If only I'd stuck with that instinct... Maybe I should gut get it valeted every so often. It even had a bit of the new-car-smell thing going on!

Somehow, while fitting a new panel to the car, the repair people had seen fit to put a small dent in that panel (just over the passenger door). They'd also decided to use their special techniques to make the driver's side rear-door stick. Ingenious! However, the service was fine and I don't care enough about these minor details. The car drives, looks fine, and isn't about to rust through in any of the parts where a people carrier clunked into it.

During the process, I kept getting text messages explaining where the car was in the repair cycle. Neat.


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