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Wednesday, July 26

On the way back

More as-it-happens blogging then. I'm now on the London to Oxford train, standing in the middle of a carriage and waiting for the arrival at Reading. I am slightly drunk, though I have been more drunk than this even tonight. Only a few cheeky brews were consumed, and though they reach my head quickly, they soon get overpowered by my efficient processing system, which can quite easily turn all forms of calorie into something else: energy, fat or poo mainly.

There's not a huge deal to report about tonight. We were in the area of Farringdon, which is about where my training course was back in February, though tonight was more fun. Odd, I suppose, that the two lots of training I receive from on employer should have this place in common. . . Albeit only vaguely.

Time spent talking, taking the mickey, sharing irritations, remembering a shared past or shared background, or even eating good food in good company: this time is never to be undervalued.

As I travel back to the place I call home, I should remember my plans and make sure they happen. I want a place to call my/our own. I want to be comfortable, but not complacent. I want to keep myself full of fresh ideas. Though it sometimes feels a bit of a waste of the money my parents spent on my education for me to be touting my crowd pleasing filthy songs around the country, sometimes I have moments of clarity where I realise that I am just daring to go for it, whatever it may be. I still entertain the prospect that I might write something which has enough of a life of its own that I may get to go and see it performed by others. Maybe I will yet crack the magic formula to make a good radio comedy. Or maybe I will write a musical that people want to stage. I can never know if I don't give it a go.

Long term vision is a good thing. Without it you're a child on a roundabout - occupied but getting nowhere. However, short term plans cannot be neglected. I finally managed to sort out a gig this week which threatened to get in the way of my attending my girlfriend's graduation. I should never have put myself forward for it, and there were plenty of reasons why it might have been possible, even though it looked dodgy from quite early on. I took a wait and see approach, and didn't mention it to my girlfriend. It was never a choice of gig or graduation. To suggest that attending her graduation would mean me having to miss a gig would have been to misrepresent the situation. It was me who foolishly allowed the possible clash, and it would only have been possible to do the gig if there was no room for me at nor interest in my attendance at the graduation. I wanted to go. I should have cancelled the gig the moment I realised the dates clashed. I have now replaced myself with someone else.

Next week will have enough stage time to satisfy any desire to perform I may have. All I need to do this week is my gig tomorrow in the Southampton area and move out of Farnborough, perhaps sorting out my mail redirection and getting a haircut too. Posting an ebay item and finalising my new mortgage would be good too. It sounds so easy.


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