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Monday, January 8

A Break

What's with all the pressure to make something out of the weekend? People ask you, when you're back at work - "What did you do this weekend?". The expectation is that you've had a great time and a break from the drudgery of work.

I suppose that there was a time when I had remarkable weekends. Maybe I'd be gigging or having expensive fun in London's West End. And there was a time when that sort of thing wasn't limited to weekends. People would ask me what I'd done the previous night between work days, and my tales would be fancy and rich. Now I do pretty much sod all. I'm not exceedingly proud of that, and I don't know that I like it. However, there are things that need doing, and some things have priorities. If I'm to redo a house this year, then my diary must be clear of distraction and my purse (wallet) should be fuller than once it was.

I digress. But I always do. I think I'm still in mourning for the ease of self entertainment I enjoyed in 2004. That's the past. A temporary pause in my stand up career is, so far as I can tell, giving me regular performance anxiety nightmares. Pretty much nightly. Nothing I can't handle. I'm assuming it's the stand up to blame and not my day job. It suits me to believe that. As a way of keeping my hand in, I've advertised myself as a script reader for comedy, and this may enable me to help some new comedians out, and give me a fresh look at the art of being funny. That would be nice.

This weekend doesn't have much about it that needs to be told. We went shopping in Bicester and bought a few things. Not for me. I'm not feeling too motivated to buy stuff at the moment since it will both require paying for AND also storing or moving to the new house. We went for a walk too. That was nice. I finished my book and started another. The book was called "The Face" and was ok. Not one of Dean Koontz's best. The new book is about the Beatles and is interesting and yet quite high brow. More high brow than this reader!

The big news of the end of last week was the exchange of contracts for the house. This sale must end soon as they say. With contracts exchanged, there are only a few days to finish the deal. I've done all I need to do, so it's now up to the lawyers and lender to finish the job.

Until the completion, there's really not much to do except hang around. As a result we're in limbo. There is some ditching of surplus items, hence some ebay and amazon listings, and some charity shop donating, and even the visit of a spanish couple to the house last night to pick up my old battered Tv - the magic of Freecycle!

Maybe the house move will be soon and a new life will begin. Maybe it will be a cold dusty life devoid of furniture. Maybe that will be character forming!


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