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Saturday, December 15

A Day At Home

I'm not sure that I've had many complete days in my house over the last few months. It's hard to say. I think my weekend have almost always had gigs or some other out of home engagement in them. I had this weekend earmarked for something else, which would have taken me away from the house, but as it turned out, the best plan was to stay at home. This enabled me to do a lot of things which have been sitting firly on the to-do-list but not moving in any direction at all.

Once I'd shaken my sorry ass out of bed, I started on some tiling. These tiles will sit above the oven and hob and, therefore, had nothing to sit upon, meaning I really did have to use the official system for tiling, where you attach a batten (or in this case a spare bit of architrave) to the wall and tile upwards. I will, later on, hang some tiles below the section of tiling I did yesterday, with nothing more than the adhesive and some masking tape for company. These will then set as the lower level of tiling, which will also go below the level of the cooker, thus making things look right. That's my theory.

The tiling is taking a long time. A lot of the tiles need to be cut, and I merrily made my way through the Radio 2 comedy hour with the tile cutter going outside. I've finally worked out that I can use the tile cutter from the side, rather than face to face, and avoid getting trousers and shirt full of water as I do it. I'm a bloody idiot.

At some point I ran out of the will to live and my hands were too cold, and I was running out of tile adhesive and so on and so forth. I've still probably got a couple more nights' worth of tiling to do, but I had to stop. So I did. I went to buy more adhesive and also some paint. I went to Tesco and bought some groceries. I came home and started on the next phase.

Putting new switches on should not be difficult, but it became a long and complicated process. Two way switches can be a dark science and I needed a lot of experimentation and some drawing of diagrams before the exact combination of connections made itself clear to me. If I'm honest, working on live electrics in that situation was clearly not a good move, but I managed to get away with it without actually hurting myself or tripping any circuit breakers. Result!

Then I painted the ceilings of both of my two top floor bedrooms.

Impressed with myself, I took on the painting of the freshly plastered walls of another bedroom. I did this while listening to "Tim Minchin and friends" - a radio show which I think must have been broadcast on New Year's day. This was a repeat of it - obviously. It was very funny and well done.

That pretty much wraps up the day. There are some other details, like the attachment of a door stop and toilet roll holder, one of which I got wrong, but I won't say which, in an attempt to hold back a degree of mystery.

I thought I might go out later in the night - like after 1am - but went to bed instead. Much more sensible. I even managed to get most of the paint off my glasses.

What a day!


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