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Monday, September 29

Some Would Just Go To Bed

I couldn't wake up this morning. Not one bit. It took a lot of persuading for my brain to even function. Even then I couldn't move a muscle. Eventually, with a strange feeling of tiredness, I headed out of the door. Could it have been the two late nights on the weekend that caused my exhaustion? Well, they probably didn't help, though the early morning on Saturday was probably a part of the picture.

But I don't mind. Thing is, you've got to be living a full life to feel this knackered... either that or you've got to be really ill. Given that I'm living a full life, I'm going for the tiredness as a badge of honour - a reward to prove I'm not wasting my life in front of the TV. As it happens, my brain pretty much started functioning from the moment I got to my staircase, taking only a minor lunchbreak at, well, lunchtime.

A lunchtime, I felt like a military academy in that bits of me were passing out. This is a Douglas Adams joke and I like it. I think the natural order of things was tipped when one of the guys from work, who constantly cracks jokes, finally delivered a really good one:

Q: What drinks do they serve in a mexican prison?
A: Tequila slammer

It's a good joke. I'd tell it. I sort of just did. It's taken a long time to get to one of this quality, and it's well worth celebrating it.

It's also a celebration of a different sort today and I was inspired to Google for a recipe to try to make a seasonal treat. I found a recipe and went out to buy the necessary ingredients and cooking aparatus to make it. I'm nothing if not thorough. I bought three of everything. The plan was to make one for home, one for work and one for giving away. Now, some might assume that while you're making one, you can just multiply up and make three. In fact, it's not that simple. I ended up making each cake separately, though I was much more proficient by the third.

The afternoon progressed through the easy bit and into the meetings section. Oh dear. However, meetings were productive, enough.

Then home and onto the cookery. The cakes came out a treat and I even baked some bread - albeit with the bread maker, which produced the tallest loaf yet. Wow.

I set about some DIY and made some hanging rails for the wardobe cupboard in my 2nd bedroom. They came out pretty good. I should really have tested the cupboard before I made the rails. It turns out that the cupboard is not deep enough for hanging shirts. D'oh! After all that. Still, it was some fun DIY and I think I can reuse the rails for the new approach, which is hanging space that faces you, rather than goes across.

There was some wasted time, then, but I also got onto a job I've not been looking forward to. I sanded and then painted the radiator. The results were brilliant, so I'm glad I did it. The run up to doing this job has been long. I don't like radiators - they're yucky and dirty things. I've got plenty more to paint, though, so I'm glad I've now got a system for doing it. I put a second coat of paint on the window frames in the 2nd bedroom. It's nearly ready to be called finished in there now. This is most heartening.

What is somewhat heart sinking is the graph showing my progress. I'm looking at another 6 months of this tedium if I don't look sharp. I must work out how I can find time from somewhere. Answers on a postcard.

Still, I'm doing the do, and trying to get somewhere. Sure, the baking isn't on the plan, but life has to have its diversity. Plus, I was good and did the washing up and then even washed my paintbrushes.

A sensible person would be asleep by now. I have done enough to earn my sleep. I'm probably going to get some too, once I've had a nice long well-earned (soft) drink.


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