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Monday, November 26

What a weekend... who invented grouting? They need either shooting or congratulation - I'm undecided!

As for Christmas, it's creeping up on us in a distinctly evil way. The fools and idiots who have made their council houses look like Santa's palace want putting out of their collective miseries. It's not even December yet!

Friday, November 23

We're keen to believe allegations of wrong-doings by celebrities. The latest high-profile celeb is Jonathan King. Is this trial by smear-campaign? or is this the truth outing itself at last.

See Mr King's opinion at his website. I have no opinion.

Tuesday, November 20

The haikulator gets a revision - first time since June!!!

So traumatised was I at Sir Cliff's musical poverty, I made an apostrophe error in the article. I should go straight to hell for that.

This evening I had trouble with Branston pickle and so I've written them a letter.

Sunday, November 18

Robbie Williams and Sir Cliff Richard, head to head on TV - which one wins?

Sunday, November 11

Went to see the eagerly awaited Harry Potter film.

Made my first windowsill.

And then, I sat at a computer and wrote all about it!

Friday, November 9

Funny day.

Went to see The Others.

Discovered that the witness to a housing contract of the girlfriend of someone at work gave a home address on the same street as a friend of mind used to live on when he was at university in Edinburgh... small world eh?

Thursday, November 8

Short of something to say on backlash's first birthday, I resort to my usual moans about the animals who call themselves my neighbours.

Keep reading and explore the incredible section if you like - there's quite a bit in there...

Wednesday, November 7

Another episode of the Holiday tale... I hope that it's moderately entertaining at least.

Our Sweaty Ball of Pus story gets another episode as well. Plus, I've even got an idea where the next two episodes are heading (unlike previous episodes which have been written with no specific plot in mind... can you tell?).

Finally, I thought I'd pick a random backlash article, since I haven't written one specifically for today. So, look here to find out how to interpret a particular letter about car parking regulations.

Sunday, November 4

Learn more about our Sweaty Ball of Pus in the latest thrilling episode.

Find out how terrible M&S books can be.

Be amazed at how familiar stanzas can be twisted by computers.

Generally, have an incredible time!

Saturday, November 3

A small letter today. I'll never send it, of course, but I enjoyed writing it.

In addition, we have another episode of the holiday travelog which I wrote back in May 1998... it comes to a rapid and incomplete end at some point, but not yet.

I noticed that the girls in the sandwich shop were not wearing their massive earrings today. I wonder if someone finally told them of their resemblance to Pat Butcher!?

Thursday, November 1

I'm ambitious... I've added a review section, where I will both review and provide e-commerce links for CDs/DVDs/Books I've enjoyed.

Plus, there are new articles in backlash and apostrophell. Up for discussion are such diverse elements as punctuation for a taxi company's sign and what I think is wrong with religion.

Add the shenanigans happening in other sections, including the story of a holiday I took in 1998, and the next episode of the Fat Sweaty Ball of Pus story, and you've got a lot to read...

Survived Hallowe'en.

This site is getting somewhere now... just got to start putting things in the presently empty review section.

Perhaps I'll feel better after I've slept, assuming I can sleep after this evening's viewing of Nightmare on Elm Street!

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