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Friday, August 5

The Digital Music Age

I'm very excited to be able to sell my album digitally online:

I'm rather hoping it will also pop up in iTunes and Amazon soon.

Nothing to say?

If you only read my blog, you'd thing I had nothing to say the moment.

The council announces a public ban on signs

Of course I've got stuff to say. I'm Mr Saying-Stuff. You'll find me on Ian Fox's Blog as a guest poster. I'm trying to write something for every day I sit here waiting to go to the Fringe, which has started without me!. I can't believe they would go ahead and just do it when I'm still a week from arriving.

In other news, my album of The Seven Deadly Sings is now on release at CDBaby, and should make its way to Amazon and iTunes soon. This is very exciting. I'm now official. I even have a product number all of my own!

So, plenty to say.

Monday, August 1

Not Neglecting My Main Blog

Although I've decided to blog daily until I go to the Fringe on Ian Fox's Wordpress Site, I've not forgotten about this particular blog, which has been chronicling my life on and off (and a lot of off) since October 2001... sort of. Wow. Nearly ten years of writing shite about myself.

In the spirit of sharing something "exclusive" on this feed, I'll say what I had for dinner. Sort of.

Despite the fact that I left work at a reasonable hour, and had already been to Tesco once that day, I had another Tesco trip to do, and needed petrol. This meant that I didn't arrive home until 7.30pm. That's my life. The 75-90 minute commute will do that to you.

However, on the plus side, I'd bought enough salad to kill a man, along with some nice fish cakes (perhaps my early tweet: It was my goldfish's birthday. I got him a fish cake. He didn't like it. It was his mum. inspired me). So, with salad consumed, it was time to start watching the new series of Torchwood with my intended.

After one episode, she said "I'm going for a shower... and then let's watch the next". Result.

I spend episode 2 making the CDs for my fringe run. I've had some CDs duplicated, but they came without inlay cards, which I'd had made separately. I needed to cut the cards down and add them to the CD wallets. Only 100 to do. It was easy enough.

That's the sort of rock and roll nights we have at my house. We watch TV, I cut out some cards, and then it's time for bed. Still, it's good recharging time, given the insanity that's to come in a few days' time.

If you wish to buy one of the original CDs, with a wallet that doesn't need a separate inlay card, then please visit my store.

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