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Sunday, April 28

The great news is that a Google search on either of Kwik Fit Newcastle upon Tyne or Mini Trolleys will (as of the time of writing) give you some incredible content. I must be an authoritative source on both Kwik Fit and Mini Trolleys. Fair enoughski!

In a comic twist, the search for Fat Pus which some people may do for slight dishonourable reasons (not being able to spell what they mean to look for), yields the surreal and pointless story found within this site.

Cool me down... a backlash appears to have backfired.

Tuesday, April 23

Apostrophell gets the updates today. Two articles for your enjoyment - a revisit to a Whitley Bay Taxi Company and why you should be sure of yourself before you correct someone else.

Monday, April 22

In a day filled with poor jokes, here is a discovery about Ronan Keating - he's finally come clean about his glue sniffing addiction.

Sunday, April 21

The BBC have done it this time. Attempting to rise above a tabloid rumour, they've revealed more about themselves that they intended, probably.

Friday, April 19

Did I mention that there's only one Mal Ross?

Thursday, April 18

I've put some old backlash articles out to pasture in the backlash archive. However, a retrospective on some of the supermarket woes of the past is only a part of tonight's update. I also tell three new tales of fun with Safeway staff. These tales are heartwarming (mine's roasting) and (hopefully) reasonably amusing.

Wednesday, April 17

No update tonight, but looking back a year, I see my almost definitive article on supermarket woes. I can't say that matters have improved at all in the last year.

Tuesday, April 16

We have two sorts of update: Parts 8 and 9 of the dublin holiday are now ready to be read, and I wrote a wee tale about a new craze - the chicks love it.

Thursday, April 11

The Dublin story unfolds with three more parts. In addition, I've decided to whet your appetites for more by revealing the titles of the next three parts. Part 7 of the tale is possibly the most embarrassing so far.

Wednesday, April 10

You love it when I drip feed content... in this case, I'm doing so because I cannot be bothered to type the whole thing in at once. The next two parts of the Abroad in Dublin saga have arrived. Now you can find out how we got to being airborne.

Tuesday, April 9

Back from Dublin now. It was a great break. So good, in fact, that I've started a story all about it. Parts 1 & 2 are online in the newly started Abroad in Dublin saga.

Tuesday, April 2

Do you really fear words?

Monday, April 1

I am a true geek. So I've set me up a geek zone to tell my geeky stories in. In particular, you too can learn how a little chip saved a pair of multimedia speakers from the bin - nerdy specs at the ready!

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