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Friday, March 28

I think this illustrates me all too well

From: Christopher Martin / Web Windows **@***
To: Ashley Frieze

Hi Ashley, Advertising in the spring tends to be a particularly responsive time of year for many businesses, so I hope you’ll be interested in the idea of running a single panel ad in Observer Magazine 30th March issue especially as it’s for the attractive rate of just £245. Here’s a link to a page with all the details including its hugely impressive readership of 1.1 million readers. If you’ve not got suitable Thesevendeadly ad copy, we include our design service within the price too.

Kind regards,
Christopher Martin
Web Windows


Hi Chris

Firstly, I'm really sorry to hear about your marital troubles. I hope that everything pans out ok and little Apple doesn't feel too bruised by the whole experience. Maybe you should pack the kids off to their Granny (Smith I presume) for a bit of a break from the whole fuss.

Anyway, sorry I didn't get back to you about the advertising. To be honest, I'd no idea you were moonlighting for The Observer magazine. Good on you, when the whole music industry thing stops working out for you, when people stop listening to your mooning drivel, you'll have something to fall back on.

I'm afraid that I haven't a budget to advertise, nor really a product to advertise either. I had a show called The Seven Deadly Sings, which I was touring a couple of years back. I'm not touring it any more. It's a shame. You would have like it. You'd probably enjoy my new show, which is a theatre piece about a giant fridge-freezer. That's certainly a cold play.

Anyway, thanks for getting in touch.

Yours etc.

Tuesday, March 11

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I Gotta Girl

I have a lot of stuff bubbling around in my head at the moment, not to be confused with all the stuff bubbling about my guts, which is down to a nasty case of food poisoning I picked up while in India in one of the two trips I've made to that country in the last 3 weeks. The fact that I've survived my trips is quasi-miraculous in my opinion. I've managed to turn 40 in the process and hold a couple of big meals at home as well as two two gigs. This is no mean feat.

I think it's lucky that my general misfortune on this last India trip - the loss of my luggage on day 1 (it was returned on night 1) and my loss of a working day through sleeping vomiting and diarrhea-ing (that's not a word) - all happened on the trip where I didn't have a pressing schedule to worry about when I got home. On the previous trip I came home, immediately MCed a gig, and then rolled into the busy weekend of pre-birthday celebrations. On my birthday itself, a Monday off work, I took my wife and daughter to a soft play place and we played. Softly.

Already this collection of thoughts feels like an exploded watch. Lots of moving parts, kind of fitting together, but kind of bendy and all over the place. As similes go, that one was unlike others.

I have a head full of software and architecture too right now. That's something I quite like, but it's distinctly "to the max" right now. On top of it, I've also got a head full of software development process - another thing I like, but again right at the max.

Most importantly of all, there's a little girl who calls me "daddy". Well she kind of does. She might call me "dadda" or "da". Something she just points. She's only 15 months old, cut her some slack. My lovely little daughter has reached an age where she's wandering about the place of her own volition, trying to communicate with things - mainly our slightly fearful and victimised cats, whom she calls "ca...t" or "gat" or occasionally "dat". This is definitely a great age for a toddler to be. She's generally making a great deal of entertainment for herself and having a lot of fun.

So even if life's throwing me all over the place, there's a chance I can take off my shoes with my daughter at a soft play and join in.

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