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Monday, December 31

The Oozing reaches some sort of anti-climax conclusion... However, there will be more, since its sequel The Phewgitive is waiting in the wings.

Sunday, December 30

Even more typical... Blogger starts working the moment I berate it ;)

Typical of Blogger... first they get a security breach, then they don't seem to be able to upload my edits.

Friday, December 28

I fully intend to start next year with a clean slate, however dirty the slate has become this year. There are precious few days left in this year. However, there's still time to pull out all of the stops if it seems necessary.

To those who misinterpreted my article about turkey, re-read it. It's not a very good metaphor, but it's all about life's cycles and why it's necessary to get even the dirty jobs done. Not that my turkey should have required its inside cleaning out so much... serves me right for choosing the wrong turkey! Damned M&S ...

Tuesday, December 25

Why I think turkey is a metaphor for life...

A lot of people sit down to their Christmas dinner wondering why they bother. All the complex food preparation, for what? Dry turkey, sprouts that people don't like, wasted effort?

I shall sit down to a meal in a few hours which I will have prepared painstakingly and which I plan to enjoy thoroughly. I actually like Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas Dinners to all of you!

Tuesday, December 18

A quick book review tonight.

I finally managed to post the first part of my complaint to Virgin for messing me around on my holiday plans in October.

Plus, looking back at last year's posts, I seem to think it's worth remembering why I boldly complain.

Monday, December 17

If I were to choose to play mind games, I would choose to play with my intellectual equals or inferiors - that way, I could have a chance of getting some satisfaction.

I may be a soft touch, but I am not stupid.

I refuse to sit back and watch my good nature being abused. If necessary, I WILL be a bastard!

Sunday, December 16

A bizarre Christmas card and the realisation that I forgot to review one of my favourite albums of all time. That was my weekend... how was yours?

Wednesday, December 12

Try not to question my motives too deeply. I have tried to express how I feel right now and it's all about confidence. Feeling secure in yourself is not to be sniffed at.

The long awaited "When Louis Theroux met the Hamiltons" was broadcast tonight on BBC2. Fantastic. I've even checked out Neil Hamilton's website - As always, I'll reserve judgement.

I thought I'd recommend a Beatles CD to you all, since I have just been listening to it.

Thursday, December 6

Time passes, life changes, but things still remain pretty much the same. Some questions will forever remain unanswered, like "Who's Debbie?".

Wednesday, December 5

I'm flabbergasted.

According to my information, I'm younger than the CD. The CD was, apparently, invented by Philips in 1973!!!

Tuesday, December 4

I'm smitten by the theme tune to Randall and Hopkirk. I have thrown a review together, despite only having a copy of the first minute of the tune... it's really that good.

However, not all music is good. Among the wheat, you find the chaff. Check out the happenings in this evening's University Challenge.

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