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Sunday, January 11

An interesting day spent in my own company. I'm not really very good company, so I've had to resort to a series of tactics to amuse myself so far. The reason I have a day of my own company comes down to a combination of train availability - only the late train

Tactic 1 : Wake up late
What a very good way to kill some time. By the time I was showered and out of the hotel it was already midday. I even managed to do some Early morning staring™, which killed about 10 minutes as my addled brain slowly came up to the same speed as regular time. I often find that mornings pass by at lightning speed if I'm in a slow-brain mode. This is an excellent way to travel through time... though it only works forwards!

Tactic 2 : Starbucks
Deciding not to lug a laptop around, I haven't done any Starbucks surfing (I'm currently online in a Burger King at Piccadilly Circus - cheaper than wireless at 'bucks). At Starbucks I did have a lovely coffee and muffin, which is a good way to start the day.

Tactic 3 : Aimless wandering
London is a walking city... at least it is when you
  1. Have time to kill
  2. Ought to be losing weight and have just downed a large mocha with whipped cream
Having no agenda in the city means a lot of wandering until you strike a plan.

Tactic 4: Buying that book for the train
I completed my reading of Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure while on the train to London yesterday. A fantastic book it is too! So I am without reading material for the return journey tonight. I wanted to buy Don Black's autobiography and so wandered into a nice and expensive branch of Borders. Accidentally buying another book to go with Don Black's, I left Borders some time after entering.

Tactic 5: Buying other stuff
Bargain bookshops always pull me in, and I found myself the proud owner of Rolf Harris's autobiography at less than £4. Altogether now... hmphchickahee chickahmph...

Tactic 6: West end shows
I'm always one to visit the theatre and I happen to know that the Reduced Shakespeare Company are one of the few groups to do a Sunday matinee. I shall be seeing their "Complete Works of Shakespeare - abridged" in a few minutes. Admittedly I've seen it before, but it's worth a second viewing and it will entertain me for a good chunk of the remainder of my stay in our nation's capital city. Today is the first anniversary of the day I first saw My Fair Lady on stage. Fascinating... I know!!!

Tactic 7: Observing folk
People are interesting. There was one chap walking through Leicester Square with a chocolate biscuit - choc-digestive I think - in his mouth, eating it "hands-free". (Perhaps this method will become the new law for in-car snacking.) It looked a bit like he'd joined one of those african plate-in-the-lip tribes. I also saw a couple of people who seemed only capable of communicating via the gift of shouting. They were walking through Tottenham Court Road together, but they kept their distance from each other - perhaps to ensure that the shouting seemed necessary. Maybe they're cursed with only being able to communicate at shouting volume and have adjusted their rules of personal space accordingly.

Tactic 8: Interstellar travel
I'm working on this one.

Tactic 9: Cyber monkeying
It seems that I can't go for very long without interfacing to the net. Luckily for me, I have a focus for my geekery, in the form of this weblog. My email has now been checked. My weblog is now up to date. I think it's nearly time for me to adjourn to the Criterion Theatre for some passive entertainment.


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