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Thursday, May 12

After all the work that the guys had put in over the last few days, it would have been terrible to had a bad review meeting, or come out with a negative plan for the next batch of work. This was not to happen. We were thanked for the extra efforts that people had put in. I'd been a latecomer to the late night slogging and nobody had made it clear how much of a slog there had been until Tuesday. Note to self - ask people what they're doing more of the time. The good news is that we've planned wisely and should have a less fearful time this time around... unless things go wrong.

As my computer was being mangled by the IT guys and as there was a play I wanted to see in Edinburgh (yes, I'll travel 120 miles for a play), I left the office at 4pm, unable to do a huge amount if I stayed, and headed up North. The traffic on the A1 was pretty light and there was some daredevil overtaking - especially by a particular ambulance
. I guess his rational was that if he got hit, he was in the right vehicle to be cured in. However, it wasn't an emergency ambulance, it was the sort where old people get put in to be shipped somewhere to die, or whatever. Maybe he was just giving them one last thrill.

I got to Edinburgh and parked near the theatre where this student production was to occur. I had a friend playing leading lady in the play "The Curious Savage". The theatre is opposite a Subway sandwich shop, so that was my evening meal sorted out. However, something seemed wrong.
The doors of the theatre were not open, there was no footfall anywhere near the place and no posters on the outside. I was concerned that I'd got my dates wrong, or misunderstood the venue. I couldn't contact my friend to ask her what was going on. Internet searches on my mobile and performed by my girlfriend from her desk, as I rang her to tell her that I may have travelled 120 miles in vain, gave

no clues. It was a mystery. It was as I was ringing the boyfriend of my friend-in-the-production that I spotted a familiar face - one of the members of the drama group who were putting the show on. The doors of the theatre had opened secretly behind me as I was ringing. I was allowed in.

My £5 ticket bought me not one but two shows with a 15 minute interval between them. Both were good examples of their craft, the second being a ludicrous murder-mystery story jam-packed with funny and ludicrous characters. It made little sense but was a comedic romp that I enjoyed. My friend's part was the highlight of her own half of the evening and I seemed to recognise other members of the cast.

There is a gig across town in Edinburgh on a Thursday which I decided to drop into, with my friend in town (she frequents that gig anyway), before going home. I saw the last act and then the organiser was doing some live music. It took two songs before I was summoned to the stage. We played this and that for an hour or so, summoning my acting friend to sing lead vocals for a bit too - it all sounds so kids-from-fame-like... it wasn't. It was a smoky pub in Edinburgh. However, it was good fun.

With a car journey and much singing along to musicals, I arrived home later than I wanted to, given that I had an early start the following morning. Ah well... who needs sleep!?


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