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Saturday, May 14

A fairly late wake-up was just what was needed for this weekend. The major item on the agenda was lunch. We found our way on foot to a nearby pub where I ate one of the highest-fat items on the menu. My thoughts of going on a diet, which I had almost started to do on Wednesday, seemed to be taking a weekend off. I knew that it was wrong, but I wanted the food and I had the food. Naughty.

The afternoon was spent playing games in the bar. Pool provided much entertainment - I hadn't played in ages and I wasn't very good. Playing best of 3 is so divisive. I reckon it was probably a draw, not 2:1. Or maybe I lost. I don't know. The pub quiz machine seemed to taunt us for the time we played it, but it was fun. The best games on it were the ones with the jauntiest tunes.

The pub itself also plays host to a comedy night and I must now make it my mission to get booked by that comedy night so I can return as a star... or maybe just find another excuse to play the quiz machine.

In the evening, we went to Bournemouth. We found the most efficient route - via Boscombe, twice, and then through Southbourne. Once in Bournemouth itself, we wandered through the park, had a look at some birds and then failed to find a suitable place to eat. It didn't matter. The important thing was that we got some fresh air and some bright skies and we DIDN'T GO AND SEE A MUSICAL. The musical thing was becoming a bit of a habit and it's not special if you do it all the time. Why I'm saying this I don't know. It's largely down to my urge to sit in a theatre for ages that I've seen so many musicals this year. Note to self: don't mention the fact that another musical is to be viewed next week, in Sunderland. D'oh!

The car journey, with a few CDs playing was an opportunity for chat and for inspiration. An idea hit me, while Grease was playing. This idea gained weight as the weekend progressed, when my mind wandered, it wandered to this idea. If this moment of inspiration turns into a fully written show (and it just might), then the next 18 months may prove to be very silly indeed.

Back to Southhampton, it was decided to couple TV with Pizza for a late evening in. The man in Domino's was profound. I asked him how his Saturday night rush was doing. He said:

"Well, this is Domino's, isn't it? and the thing about Domino's, right, is that it's Domino's, isn't it?"

And you know what, he was right. Wow!


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