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Monday, May 16

I had had far too little sleep to find myself wide awake at around 8am. Somehow, though, the imperative to get my ass out of bed and get into the office was there. I probably got out of the wrong side of the bed, though. I got out of the side that I normally use, but I'm talking metaphorically. I wasn't in the best of moods all day. This was probably down to a number of things, but let's put in the number one and two slots the lack of sleep and my sudden urge to get back on the dieting wagon. Yes. I've decided to give up eating shit for a while. Let's see if I can't even manage to get my bike fixed (not sure when) and haul my ass around on it to reduce my size that way too. It's been a long time coming, but I just don't feel as healthy as I ought to and I can do better than to blubber (as in whale) around the place feeling heavy.

As a link to my urge to diet, I'm currently bristling with ideas for some writing which would involve a large number of fat-jokes. I reckon that I could channel my need for eating into this writing project and get two for the price of one: a diet and inspiration for the new meister-work.

I spent a long time in the office today with varying degrees of success and frustration. On the up side, I managed to get my newly reinstalled computer up and running and I did some work on it. On the down side, it's painfully slow. On the up side, I was very busy and worked plentiful hours. On the down side, I got stressed and overtired. Grr.

Two examples arose today which showed me the sort of office I work in. The first was the out of order toilet on our floor. The sign read. "Out of order. Please use the toilets on the other floors.". Seems reasonable enough, doesn't it? Except, why mention the solution to this problem. What was the person who wrote the sign expecting me to do? Would I have been expected to hold it in for 8 hours, or perhaps just piss up against the door? Of course I would go to the toilet on a different floor - it's bloody obvious. The more pragmatic solution would have been to say something like - "use the ladies", but perhaps we're not open enough a society to countenance the possibility of men being allowed to use the cubicles in a female toilet (even though the ratio of men to women is something like 15:1 in our office, meaning that the probability of an actual mixed-sex presence in a unisex toilet would have been minimal). The other thing which annoyed me today was to discover that our office supply of AA batteries is a controlled commodity. I had to go and ask someone for batteries. What the hell is that all about?

After work I went for coffee and beer (I had the coffee, he the beer) and took the chance to pitch my new idea with a friend. We also caught up on the world we share and he proved, as usual, excellent company. He also told me that he reads this blog...

The evening was spent blogging (well slightly) and preparing for my gig tomorrow in Manchester. I have a very busy week ahead. I have gigs on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and I'm in Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle (for work), Glagsow, Edinburgh (for rest) and Glenrothes before I get to hang up my guitar for another week. This, coupled with the rigours of the office challenges... let's just say that this is the wrong week to quit chocolate. But let's see if I can't stick to my resolution.


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