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Thursday, May 5

Why oh why did I wake up at 6.15? I know why. I was to give my housemate a lift into work in Durham for 7am. Okay, but he could have taken the bus? Yes, but I wanted to be up and wanted it to be an urgent wake up. The best way was to have responsibility for someone else on a deadline. So, that's what we did. Why did I want to be up? Well, I had my car to take in for service and I wanted to get a head start on the day at the office. Working longer hours can't always help, but working minimum hours wasn't going to be better.

So, I got my car to the garage and I got into work for early (in my terms). Waiting for the bus after taking the car in, I saw an elderly man offer to play football with the schoolboys waiting for the bus. He did his keepie-uppie quite well - impressing the lads, then hobbled off... unable to walk, but able to impress with a ball. Wow.

Work was a blur of stuff which I have no interest in describing on this site. After work, we had a leaving do for a member of the company and good friend of mine. He and I had been out a couple of weeks previously and said some of what we had to say. This do was 10 of us in a Tapas bar having a good night in celebration of a good guy. I enjoyed myself.

I didn't vote.

I know that my vote alone would not have made any different to the safe labour seats of Newcastle... but not voting means that I wasn't a part of the society I pay to be a part of. Perhaps I should be more involved in the politics of this country - it's all done in my name. Well, not just my name...

I had a lift home which allowed me to guiltily watch and listen to Election night specials as the BNP got a thousand votes in Sunderland South and North (in that order) as well as cheers from their pitbull band of followers. These racists... they're all the bloody same to me!

Ironing, bathing, packing. I did the lot as I prepared for my weekend away. After much fussing, I'd managed to secure tickets to Acorn Antiques the musical, so a trip to London, via train, was planned to enjoy some time with a special someone and, in conjunction with that person, whose mother is still raving about the show, take one of my only chances to see Julie Walters on a West End stage. Why not!?


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