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Monday, June 6

I was very good this morning. I managed to wake up in time to get on the bike and arrive at work early. I actually cycled in. It was hard work, but pleasant.

I spent the day fiddling with a problem which turned out to non-existent. Such is life. I also managed to sort out some posting of letters and sending of money to people. My tidying at home spilled into the office with a general tidy up of my desk making me feel a bit more orderly and prepared to do battle with the challenges at hand.

After work I cycled to the post office to post my envelopes of purpose and then I made the long cycle home. I'm out of practice and it was hard work. Well, not easy. I didn't struggle as I did when I first got the bike, but people were looking on my efforts in amusement as I crawled my way up the various hills home. Still, it's good exercise.

Once home, I must admit that I vegged out in front of The Simpsons for about 80 minutes, with various bits of food replenishing the lost calories from my exertions. I ate nothing intrinsically bad for you, so hopefully, I didn't over replenish. I did not go hungry, though.

The evening seemed to fly by. I decided to work on a song which I'd started for a possible musical. I also had a bath and came out of it with a different song idea. The different song idea is very silly and belongs in a stand-up act. The song-for-the-musical was the overriding interest for me and I ended up, after first winning a game of online Scrabble, downstairs in my recently tidied dining room. I intend to use this room as a home recording studio as well as eating area. The kit was all there, but it wasn't plugged in or set up. I soon had that sorted. I spent about an hour and I had 2 minutes of music. I had recorded a 4 man choir of me singing the song along with a piano part. It has its moments and I'm quite taken with it. However, listening to it, it's a poor performance of a rough draft of a song. On the other hand, a few years ago, I'd never written an original song - music or lyrics and now I'm able to knock them out.

The question is whether the song is any good. I've sent it to some people for feedback. Ultimately, it's up to me, but the reactions of others are always good to help me resolve how I really feel.


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