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Tuesday, August 9

Getting up like a bear with a sore head, or at least a bear with a broken-into-car and a missing guitar, I grumpily headed to the office. I wasn't pleased. I shouldn't have bought a wee girdle scone for breakfast and I shouldn't have been so moody at our morning meeting.

I shouldn't have sat frustratedly solving a problem with a colleague (which was entirely caused by his lack of understanding of what he was doing the first time, and a pressure to call it finished, when it was clearly not even slightly working). I managed to keep my temper, despite a few times wanting to shout out or flounce out of the room in disgust. I also managed to recognise what was confusing and explain it calmly.

It was draining.

I returned to the problem that I wanted to solve, at my own desk, and managed to get that sorted. I also took a trip into town where I checked the local cash-converters to see if my guitar had been pawned yet. Perhaps it will end up there. I suspect it will just disappear. Poor irreplaceable bright red Fender guitar. I miss it.

Actually, I'm also grumpy through missing my girlfriend. We've not spoken in a few days and that makes me very ratty... she is, however, on holiday, so I can't complain.

Over lunchtime I also went to a local guitar shop and bought an electronic tuner, a capo (for changing the pitch of the guitar mid-performance), some spare strings, a rapid-winder for putting strings on, and a pair of clippers. All of these were to replace the accessories lost in the theft. I spent over £50. It's not a cheap business being robbed. I also contacted my insurers.

A lunchtime coffee came with a muffin... I'm shit at dieting.

In the afternoon, I got very angry again, as we're wasting time and not being firm enough with the people who whine, rather than recognise that we can't go forever without finishing something and giving it to people in exchange for money.

In the late afternoon/early evening, I set off for Manchester, my perspex temporary window, gaffa-taped to the car and flapping in the winds. It lasted 10 miles before flapping off.

I thought I might use my annoyance for comic effect at the gig, and there was certainly a lot pissing me off, including the utterly shite "Bearded Ladies" sketch show which I listened to on Radio 4. Comedy is supposed to be funny. This was tripe. That's two different shows on Radio 4 which are pure shit. What the hell are they playing at. Repeat something that's good, don't commission this bollocks! The Consultants are good. The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Just A Minute, The Now Show... all good. Don't give me some watered down piss to listen to.


I got lost in Manchester as my directions accurately sent me to the wrong place.

I found myself in Manchester and was early for the gig.

I secured the car as best I could by parking it with the broken window/door combination very very close to a wall.

The gig was hard work for everyone. However, I closed it and I used the opportunity to let off steam as an opportunity to let of steam. One of my routines, which got a big laugh, was taken on for longer than ever, as I realised I could shout out my stress of the last 30 or so hours. I also told the audience some of what was annoying me.

I drove home at breakneck speed and should have arrived 30 or so minutes later at normal speeds, or at least died on the journey at the speeds I hit. I guess that luck was on my side (unless I lose my licence for speeding - though I don't know if I was caught).

I'm also upset because I worked out that my ex-guitar had travelled probably about 50,000 miles with me to various gigs - that's twice round the world. The only companion more faithful is my car, which looks set to be retired in the near future. It will, apparently, fail its MOT for the crack in the windscreen that developed recently. I can't see how I can justify spending the money on a new windscreen and new tyres for it, AND have it serviced, when the car is not worth anything like what those will all cost. I think I may have to get a newer one. I like my car. My girlfriend doesn't, and I like her more!


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