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Thursday, August 11

I had a hangover this morning. It wasn't an alcohol hangover. It was a thought hangover. My brain is bristling with ideas from last night. Stuff makes me laugh spotaneously and I'm feeling quite big and loud at the moment. I'm also still in a bit of a mood. I was rather rude with the people at the auto windscreens place, as they really need to pull their thumbs out of their collective ass and get my window sorted out. I've also been somewhat brutal with other colleagues at work, as I'm genuinely frightened that we'd rather sit back and pontificate, rather than actually reap the fruits of our labours. Perhaps I'll come back from Edinburgh and discover that I was the problem and that they've done tons, or perhaps I'll come back and be livid that they've done sod all.

It remains to be seen. I can, at least, rely on the fact that there are no morons on the team anymore. It's good to work with people who have a high level of intelligence - you should be able to tackle any problem rapidly and effectively under those circumstances. I'm a bit worried, though, that we've cosetted people and made them frightened to stand-up and DO SOMETHING. Perhaps my new stand-up comedy catchphrase - "Rock, you motherfuckers" - should be used to rattle their cages. Perhaps it might not be appropriate, especially blared out in the office environment.

I spent the morning trying to get the automated tests which prove our project is working to continue to do just that. Nearly there.

Later on
I ate a huge quantity of food, almost as though I wasn't expecting to have time to eat food again in the next week. The evening started with a trip to Morrisons to buy a few items for either eating or using in Edinburgh. I was running low on shampoo and shower gel, and my notepads were stolen with my guitar, so I bought some new ones. Blank ones won't bring back my material, but I can write new stuff on them.

At home, I ate. I watched The Simpsons and then I got my wireless network working. I'm very pleased to be able to announce that I can now browse the internet from my toilet seat. In fact, I have been. How cool is that!? Ever since I was a child, I dreamed about having a computer to use on the loo. Now I have and it's network connected. Amazing!

Yahoooooo! I'm up to date on the blog. It's been not up to date for months and it even went offline for a few days.

Now, I've made it. I have written up the last few months of my life and reached a point where I'm posting on the day of writing.

Thanks to those who have stuck by and kept checking. Thanks to those who complained. Always remember to read the archive - there are 100's of thousands of works (probably) to enjoy/endure in there. Bear in mind, as you sit, mindlessly reading this drivel, that there is life away from the computer screen. Maybe even come along to a gig and say hi.

Or maybe don't, unless you sort of know me in real life too. Random strangers just saying hi might be really weird.

By the way, I just noticed that blogger thinks that this is my 1000th post. What a coincidence. It's through no contrivance of my own, so I'm glad to have achieved it by chance. What better way to use the 1000th post than to get this bugger up to date. Happy reading!


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