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Sunday, August 7

I'm easy like Sunday morning. Sunday morning was, in fact, very easy as I relaxed throughout, with my eyes shut and the occasional disruption of the alarm clock easily ignored. Eventually waking up in time for the end of Michael Parkinson's radio show, I had some breakfasty-lunchy-sort of thing and listened to a little Elaine Paige before adjourning to my home-office-roomy-thing (never known what quite to call it) for some planning.

I've decided that I would quite like to see this year's Fringe festival. I missed a lot of last year, and things like gigging really get in the way of seeing shows. Therefore, I sat down with a guide to this year's Fringe comedy and worked out which shows I'd quite like to see and when and where they were all on. Last night I also looked online at one or two acts that I've heard about, but hadn't seen. There are some acts which I may find myself hating when I ought to love them, and vice versa. There's only one way to find out.

I now have a list of the 30 odd shows I might go out of my way to watch. Within that list there are maybe 15 which I would be peeved to miss. Sadly, seeing Rolf Harris is simply not an option as he sold out before the Fringe even started. D'oh! Never mind. However, realising the practical problems of seeing a Fringe while busy and tired, I've decided to take the precaution of going up to Edinburgh twice this week before I go up there properly on Friday night. I'll sneak in a gig of my own on both occasions to make it apparently worth my while going up there, but I will try to see 9 shows before my first performance of The Great Big Comedy Picnic. I really adore going to the Fringe.

If I play it right, I should be able to return home on my last Sunday in Edinburgh tired, happy and relatively early. We'll see.

The rest of the day today should be spent preparing for my trip to the Fringe. I can think of the following things that need doing:
  1. Washing
  2. Ironing
  3. Cleaning
  4. This blog
The latter of these feels the most urgent. It's 7th August and the online blog reads from the 22nd May! That's shocking. Even if I'm end up skimping on detail and bloggin entire weeks, I should really do something to get this thing up to date. It won't get any easier after a week in Edinburgh.

I would also like to get together a log of all the shows I saw last year. I will keep track of what I see this year and log that. I have a Fringe diary from the previous two years I went to Edinburgh in this part of my life, and they make reasonable mementoes of an otherwise hazy time.

In addition to these myriad tasks, some of which I may well get onto in a moment, I have a gig tonight in Hartlepool. My aim is to have fun, but I also have the responsibility of driving a fellow comedian to the gig and setting up the venue, as the promoter/venue manager is off doing other things. I've already been paid for this performance, so I feel more obliged than normal to do it. I also feel like I ought to be glad of the paid work, as my credit card bills have cleaned out my bank account again! D'oh! Having said that, there's money owed to me from a couple of sources, so it's not the end of the world, and I have other bank accounts that are not cleaned out.

Perhaps a lack of cash will inspire me to keep a tight rein on my spending on pointless food items while in Edinburgh. I reckon I could live very cheaply on a diet of soup and porridge...

The gig in Hartlepool wasn't as easy as it first looked. In fact, the audience there took some playing too. I was hampered by a string snapping and the fact that I felt all hot and sweaty as I slowly turned to liquid under the hot lights. Still, they laughed and I did my stuff and got off the stage. I can't help but wish that I were a better act.

On top of all of this, I miss my girlfriend, now off in America, hopefully having a really good time. This is not a bad thing, I suppose. It's not nice to think of the amount of time between now and next seeing her - the longest time in the course of our six month-long relationship that we've been apart. However, it's nice to have someone to miss. I never missed my solitude when I wasn't in a relationship. I never looked forward to returning to the empty house because nobody was there. Life in a relationship is good. It's just a shame that the supply of hugs has dwindled for a bit. Still, one must look on the bright side. There's plenty of laughter to be had and to generate in the next couple of weeks and then there'll be plenty of time for togetherness when we're reunited.


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