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Saturday, August 27

We woke up in Reading and my girlfriend decided that she was too unwell to go to her party. It was going to be a busy night for her if she went, and she was already feeling under the weather. Better that she should miss the party and have someone looking after her in the interim.

Expecting an overnight stay in London, I'd already booked and paid for a hotel, so we decided to go and make use of the room. We set off for London and found ourselves in a traffic jam. We used this time to play silly in-car games and generally make the most of each other's company. I enjoyed that. Then we arrived in London. London's traffic wasn't too bad and we found somewhere to park. Then it was a short tube hop to the hotel, which was near Euston. We threw our stuff in the room, avoided getting sucked into a TV programme about TV makeover programmes, and then zoomed off to Leicester Square. We found a cheap theatre tickets booth and bought tickets for The Woman in White. I had a post-it note on my desk with a list of musicals on it that I wanted to see or see again. Over the course of our relationship, we've done most of the items on that list. Anyway, this was a member of the list and we headed towards the theatre.

On the way, we grabbed a sandwich, having not had chance for anything to eat over the course of the rest of the day. Well, there was a bit of sandwich at lunchtime, but nothing substantial.

The show was quite good. The performances seemed relatively flat and the show didn't seem to have any stand-out show-stopping songs. It was more a landscape of feelings, which was nice enough, but not mind-blowing. Still, the sets were good. They were computer generated and projected onto moving screens around the stage. Some scenes really looked good as a result, especially when they rotated the stage in a church scene and we got a 360 degree view of everything in and around the church. However, a lot of this felt like more gimmick and less substance.

Again, we enjoyed the show.

After the show, bed. There was a little time for a morsel of pizza at Leicester Square, but tiredness was summoning us to a place where one could rest.


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