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Thursday, April 20

Nurse, the screens
Well, it's been a day of staring at the screen. There's no doubt about that. I spent a good 8 or so hours at work, with a mere 30 minute lunchbreak - time for me to scramble home for my... salad. <sigh>.

After work, to the supermarket. I narrowly avoided getting too enthralled with the radio with the promise of Listen Again. Whether I can be bothered to listen to That Mitchell and Webb Sound again, I don't know. I think I can. It was very good.

Then from the supermarket to the kitchen. Back on the salad. This time with added beans. Hoo-fuckin'-ray.

But, as might be expected, I was straight back in front of a screen. I've been doing some of the preliminary web-digging for my World's Worst 100 Websites article. In some ways there's no chance I can possible unearth the real worst 100 websites from the internet. Even with the help of Google. However, I am finding some archetypes from which to make the point about badness of websites. We'll see if this achieves anything.

Music composer
I don't claim to be a capable composer or arranger of music. I can prove my incapability. I've spent a while struggling with a particular composition and, while it's coming along, it feels like it's lacking something pretty crucial. Talent on my part, probably.

As I speak, I've got chewing gum on the go. It's part of a recent dental health thing. That, coupled with the fact that I want to keep my mouth busy doing things which are not consuming calories, means that there's been a heap of chewing going on lately. My interest in dental health was ignited by a couple of trips to my local dental surgery. The first trip was a check-up - the first of its kind in a good couple of years. There will be another trip to see Marius - the dentist named after a character in Les Mis. He recommends two fillings. Great.

However, the big problem with my mouth, other than the fact that it sometimes opens up in time to spew out unnecessary arrogances, was that the gums were inflamed - a bit of gingivitis (or however you spell that). I knew that I'd probably be sent to the hygienist, so I'd already booked an appointment for the following week. An appointment that day was squeezed in, so I got two hygienist treatments. The first of these was exceedingly painful and involved much scraping and gum-bleeding. The second was quite painful and didn't involve much bleeding.

My mouth is now healthier, apparently, and I've got a special cleaning stick to poke into the gaps between my teeth. If I've been bad I can poke my own gums to punish myself too. The joy!


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