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Thursday, January 25

A Night Off

So tired was I last night that I completely failed to get to sleep until 2am. I did however, manage to take a night off doing anything of importance in the house - this was justified by the fact that the damp-proofing/timber treating people had sprayed all of the floors in the downstairs with a treatment that I didn't want to compromise by stripping wallpaper onto it. This sort of justification is, if anything, retrospective. As a small pennance, I fixed the broken fence this morning while I was waiting for the workmen to return. I'm nothing if not something.

Arriving back in Reading last night, I had time to visit the house to discover what manner of destruction (and they were intentionally destroying things) had befallen it. Quite impressive! Lots of plaster off the walls. Lots of brickwork on display. Some of the stuff I wrenched with has been so further destroyed, I wonder whether I shouldn't have just left it for them to destroy without me. However, I'm happy that they're doing the necessary.

The night wasn't totally spent in idleness. I got fed at my previous residence (I later took a shower there - it's almost like I live in a special few-streets-away-annex, where I get the services of the main house, heating excepted, but my own privacy). After food, there was a trip to pick up a Freecycle item - a bread maker. This was followed by a trip to Morrisons to buy ingredients for (can you guess?) a stew. Only kidding. Bread. The trip to Morrisons brought me a new DVD - The Producers, priced cheaply. The trip also furnished my accomplice with some sweets. Somehow the purchase of sweets and DVD opened the floodgates, as when I returned to her house, I was in snacking mode, and DVD buying mode. While the bread machine was doing its thing, which takes about 3 hours, I pittled about on the internet, buying some Vic Reeves DVDs and still agonising over the Bill Bailey DVD that I want, but can't quite bring myself to pay full price for. What is wrong with me!?

I couldn't get to sleep in the end, probably something to do with eating fresh-baked bread at nearly 1am!

I also had the worries of a cold empty house to deal with, so while my room was heating up, I drew a diagram for the NTL man and stuck it on the door of my room. I know what I want him to do. Whether he does it is another matter. Whether he rings before so I can send someone round to meet him is also another matter. I've left instructions for the workmen in the house to let him in. I guess I'll find out this afternoon. Hopefully, I'll return home to reasonably priced working broadband.

Hopefully the fence I fixed this morning will still be fixed. I did an ok job, though I do wonder if my screws were long enough. Still, it shouldn't be about length, right?

And finally, the phrase which has been running through my head much more than this weekend's "Pro Bono" catchphrase is "Flymo To The Moon" - there's got to be a parody song in that! I hate parody songs. I also love them (how glad was I to regain the Weird Al Yankovic CD from Newcastle). So I'm suffering the parody-song-paradox.


Blogger Ashley Frieze said...

I googled "Flymo to the moon" and found the follow up song - "The Mower I See You". I guess someone's thought of this stuff before. :)

11:32 AM  

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