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Saturday, November 17

Sorting Out Saturday

Today was a day of sorting things out. Things were not sorted out in full, but steps were taken. I woke up at a friend's house, having gone there for a bit of a post-gig social after the enjoyable and liberating gig I'd done the previous evening.

The socialising was enjoyable. There were some people also present, whom I hadn't really had much chance to get to know previously, having only met them at gigs, where I'm always a bit "performing at you, rather than talking with you". Though I was in the post-gig haze where some performing still happens, I was also chilling out and relaxing. Friday ended well as a result of the socialising.

Having said that, I lay restless in the spare room listening to the sound of rushing water and wondering whether I had rabies. I have no conclusion on why there was water rushing for an hour in the middle of the night, but I think it was real and it stopped. Such was the outcome of a gig night.

Waking up in time for coffee, I headed home, the friend with whom I was staying, due to visit my house for the first time, later that day. I seldom have people round... though now I have a housemate, that's getting a bit untrue. In fact, I felt like it was time to start making the house more of a home. My solution to this was odd.

I hurried bought a mini hi-fi. I've been wanting one for ages and I decided that my room would be more of a home with one in. So I went and shopped around and briskly bought something which met my requirements. I'm quite pleased with it. I wouldn't have anticipated buying a Hitachi system, but there you go.

Then I went and bought some groceries and a few assorted homewares. I actually put some stuff in the fridge and could even go "what would you like to drink" to a houseguest, for the first time forever in my house. Normally, you have to bring what you want to drink into the house in advance of wanting it. Not anymore. I hope this is the start of feeling like I have a home.

I did various tidy ups and even evolved a small section of the hall into a makeshift kitchen. The microwave is out of its box (thanks to my housemate using it the previous evening) and joins the kettle and the fridge in the hallway. We're days away from there being a real kitchen. I'm sure of it!

Then I got a shower, walked into town to meet my friend, did some shopping, had a coffee and met someone new in Reading, without it being a comedy contact, or someone linked with my ex-girlfriend. That's a first.

Then there was the tour of the house, followed by a showing of The Musical! which I saw through slightly different eyes. The new stereo helped turn this from a quiet DVD into a poor cinematic experience. I chuckled at various moments. I'm increasingly less proud of the show, but I'm still fond of it and proud that we made a good fist of putting it on.

Dinner ended the evening and was a chance to set the world to rights over food. It had been a day of straightening things out. Sometimes, when something is straightened out, it turns out to be different to how you first saw it, but not necessarily lesser.

My hall is now a kitchen, that's not what I would have planned, but the house has a modest hospitality facility now. That's excellent. Things like that can make the difference between an empty chasm in your life and a sense of belonging and propriety.

Does this make sense? It does to me!


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