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Wednesday, March 19

I Feel Quite Light Headed

I don't know whether it is a result of stress, or a hang on from last week's illness. Either way I'm getting bouts of dizziness and they are very distracting. Life is moving at a hefty pace at the moment and I really want to be on more solid form than I am at the moment.

It could be stress. There are two houses to worry about, and things at work are far from easy. I think that I can correlate some of my light headedness with times when I'm really chewing over what needs to be done, but then I'm constantly working on work or house stuff, so it is bound to coincide. I can't call that cause and effect. Maybe I should be eating healthily and exercising more. They might help, though my eating habits have somewhat been broken by late nights in the office, broken digestion and general hedonism. Still I do get some physical exertions in somehow. Labouring mainly.

I am generally taking charge of things and this was clearly in evidence when I did a 6 hour (and the rest) painting session on monday night. Despite running around and climbing up and down ladders, and balancing on the rim of my bath, I didn't feel noticeably woozy, which I would have thought I might. Perhaps the process of painting was relaxing enough to help. I think it can be quite therapeutic. I think it can. Equally, last night, under the pressure to perform that is the stand up gig, I felt on top form, and I fought my way through the audience's stupor with varying degrees of energy, but no sense of wobble. So perhaps it is a stress thing, but stand up is relaxing? Or doctor theatre took over? Though there was no after show relapse. I just don't know. I'm not quite myself, though, which is a nuisance.

I am presently on a train on the way to watch a music gig. Today might have ended differently, since I was supposed to be returning to Newcastle, last weekend's visit, apparently, not being enough. The reason for this return would have been to let in a plumber to deal with the leak I had found on my last visit. Luckily my tenant has taken that responsibility on, and I can sit back and just wait for the full horror of the bill to become apparent. No. It can't be stress. In the original version of tonight, I was due to drive to the gig and them drive 5 hours to Newcastle afterwards in order to work the last day before the bank holiday remotely before coming back to Reading for the bank holiday itself. Yeah. Let's add 600 more miles to the week.

This version of tonight is better. I get to take a relaxing train ride to the nearest station to the gig, meet up with my co gig watcher, and then walk the rest of the way. I get to enjoy the experience without worrying about staying awake and alive for the night. Better.

I should also be looking forward to the coming bank holiday. I have a plan. I have a shed load of diy tasks on my list, and I really hope to see some big results from these efforts. I have workmen coming in the next few days and getting the way clear for them to make things happen is very important. It's a potential turning point ahead.

The Newcastle house is more of a worry. It's no fun being grown up. I can't even begin to itemise what's on my mind relating to work.


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