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Tuesday, September 30

There's No Award For This

It looks like I've been trying to win something with my day's choice of activities.

I set out from home at 8 on my bike. I cycled 11.36 miles to my office, had a shower, popped in some contact lenses and did a day's work, punctuated by removing the contact lenses as I was finding them increasingly dry and hard to see through. I would have to say that being able to see is goal one with eyewear. Many would agree with me. Still, this is a contact lens trial and I think I'm discovering that they have benefits, but that I'm not quite getting the full potential from them yet.

I set off home on the bike at 6 and arrived at 7. I'd cycled about 22.5 miles over the two halves of the day. I had time for a quick bite to eat and then I was on the DIY trail.

Last night's cupboardy mess up was undone and restarted. I had already acquired the necessary skills I needed to do the job in the previous evening, so it was actually a breeze to re-cut the rails and have them perpendicular to the back wall, rather then parallel to it. In addition, good fortune had smiled upon me, and the existing internals of the cupboard were laid out favourably for this.

Then I repainted the radiator. It was the second coat of two. It should be ready to go on in a few days when it's totally dried.

I went upstairs and did a bunch more gloss painting, taking another room a fair old step forwards.

I would have done more, but I need to get ready for a busy tail end of this week. I've taken to keeping some Berocca in the office as a secret supply of vitamins for when I'm busy and haven't the time to take it on the way out of the house.

In an attempt to work out what the hell's going on in my life, I have a spreadsheet which can now predict when I should finish my house project. It has various ways of estimating this and it fluctuates a lot at the moment, as I've only just started gathering meaningful data and it's hard to get estimates from few data points. However, the current guess of February/March may not be far out. Now I can see my progress on a graph, I'm more inclined to game the statistics and try to get ahead of my ideal-work line. Given that I need to achieve 10 hours of work per week to do this, it's going to be tricky. However, if I work for 5 hours with a friend, then that's still 10 hours, so I can now blackmail people into helping me, because it will make my picture better. Right?

Ok, so I can't.

Nice idea.

Shall I go to sleep now? Or should I read for a bit? Given that I fell asleep last night before I'd finished going to bed, I think I know the answer.


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