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Thursday, October 30


This will be the last of my blog posts from the hotel room here in Budapest. My stay over here has been very clearly bounded and I think that I will be happy to go home while at the same time I feel like I have not been here long enough. This is a definite conflict in my mind and it bounces repetitively in much the same way that the mirrors on either side of the hotel lift (I have photographs) bounce my image from side to side, creating an infinity of me's all in Budapest for a finite time.

The reasons I want to go home are that I rather like being at home, with all the people and places I have to enjoy while I'm there. The reason that I wish I could be here longer is that I have plenty of work I would like to have achieved while I was here and not all of it. Scratch that. None of it is anything like as complete as I wish it could be. I have not even had much time to enjoy the pleasures of Budapest itself, and I feel like there is little more than a bunch of meetings and frustrations between me and my flight tomorrow. There will, of course, be time for some sort of working on the flight, so at least I will have some special time reserved for interesting solutions to interesting problems.

This has been a trip of apparently unbounded things, though. Ok. There have been two. There was the magic tram ticket to go with the infinity of me in the lift. The magic tram ticket is a tram ticket that I was given. I then got on a tram and nobody checked this ticket. So I got to use the ticket again (I'm aware, by the way, that some of the way I am phrasing this sentence is the way I would explain the story to a non-English speaker, which is a bit weird). Then I used the ticket again. And again. Finally, I found out today how to validate the ticket and it stopped being magic. This, of course, reminded me of a bad joke:

A man rubs a lamp, a genie pops out (of course) and offers him two wishes. "I would like a glass of beer which is always full", he asked for his first wish. The genie provided a glass. The man drank from it. It filled up again. The man pour a glass full into another glass. The glass filled up again. The glass would always refill itself with beer when the man poured or drank from it. The man was happy. So the genie asked him for his second wish. The man said "Same again".

That was my tram ticket. I got another one today. I didn't use it on the tram, though. We walked. Best 66 pence ever.

Also, we went to a coffee shop where I spent about £11. However, this £11 was enough to buy a coke, an espresso, a latte, a cappuccino, an apple pie cake, a chocolate cake, a cherry and poppy seed cake and some other slice of cake. Now if Starbuck were that cheap, I'd live there.

But I can't live in the coffee shop. There's trouble afoot and I think I need to spend some time dealing with the information that is worrying me.

It's not easy being in software. The world is going a bit wonky today.


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