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Friday, January 8

A New Year Wish

I wish, this year, for my brain to unfreeze and allow me to start making "the magic" again. I'll briefly explain.

In my past I've been able to master my eating habits; I've been a reasonable comedian; I've been a prolific blog writer; I've been a highly motivated person in the office. Yeah yeah yeah: me me me.

The point is that I'm not really doing any of those this second. While my last gig as a comedian gave me a video where I make punchline after punchline for nearly 40 minutes, quite effectively (on an easy crowd), that feels like a world ago. The other things also feel a bit last year (or, in the case of the eating, the year before).

So, though a "New Year's Resolution" is a bit of a crap approach to changing my life. I do want to jump into the driving seat very soon and get creative, motivated, jolly and generally fast-paced. I get bored of myself when I don't.

In answer to the rhetorical question of "What's been happening recently?", I'll put some things down.


I finally started to put clips on YouTube. I've been back through the vaults of videoed gigs to find all manner of curiosities. Most of them were unpublishable for one reason or another. Perhaps one of my quirkier moments is here:

On the rest of my channel there's more standard show reel stuff.

Other Web Links

I got quite amused by Akinator an online "Who am I?" game. For those of you in the know, it doesn't contain the easy question "Are you a twat?", for which there's only one guess.

Doctor Who Fanaticism

I'm still a new-born Doctor Who fan. I believe some of them call themselves "Whovians". I'm not at that stage, though I could probably enjoy a debate on what counts as canon, which must surely be the mark of something (mental health problems?). I listen regularly to The DWO Whocast which is geeky, but in a way I don't object to.

My girlfriend and I have been ploughing through the Torchwood Box Sets in the last few days, so we're getting up to speed with the entire Whoniverse output of Mr Russell T Davies and his gang. I'm not going to review the various Doctor Who specials except to say that I enjoyed watching them and may enjoy them more once I get the DVDs.

New Home

I live in a lovely cottage with a nice girlfriend and two sickly kittens. They are sometimes ill, not always. In general, they're quite pleasant and fluffy creatures who have adopted us well. However, we sometimes need to medicate the wee fellers and they don't really understand how our outward affection can, occasionally be converted into grabbing, restraining, and medicating.

The major challenge is living 90 minutes from work, which has a strange up side, in that home is now usually nearer the gig. So swings and roundabouts. More earlier mornings, but slightly-less-late late nights.


I did Crisis at Christmas again. I used the core principles of devolved responsibility and people did what was necessary to make the place run smoothly. So someone was successful - pretty much everyone, in fact.

Other stuff

This is the problem with my frozen brain. There are a million and one things I could mention and I can't think of them. I'll have to write more another time.

The main point is that I'm alive and kicking... I just need to give myself a big jumpstart.

Oooh oooh oooh

And finally, I really have to write a show for this year's festivals. I think it's time. I've got a title. Now I just need to sign up to REALLY do it and take the plunge.

Must go, now. It's cold and I'm not thawed out properly.


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