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Monday, May 10

A Hard Weekend's Work

Highlights of the weekend seem to be things which cause lack of rest and relaxation. Given that this week involves 4 gigs before Thursday and that last week involved me performing in Brighton at great effort (keyboard hoisting included), I would have hoped for an easy start to the week, but it wasn't to be.

Here's the challenge. I have a house. It's supposed to be rented out. I provided it unfurnished. I was talked into renting it out, at no higher rental amount, furnished, on the basis that most of the furniture could be provided cheaply by a contact of the estate agent. This fell through. After a lot of chasing about what the next steps were, we got to a single day for me to sort everything out. Saturday. Sure, I can magic up 4 beds, two wardrobes and a dining suite. Of course I can.

Well, I can.

I organised the beds from the same people who fitting a house full of carpet for me last Februrary. I was worried about getting divan beds up my rather narrow stairs - that's the thing with divan beds - they divan't gan oop the stairs... So I also worked out a contingency plan where I could get some metal bed frames by driving round three bed shops and picking up a frame from each.

Luckily, plan A worked out after all.

I went to Argos and bought the dining suite and canvas wardrobes in flat pack format.

Then it was back to the house with my magic power drill. There was a lot of assembly to do. The beds arrived around lunchtime and the company who provided them also took them upstairs, fitted them, and charged me over the phone. Neat.

The dining suite was relatively easy to assemble. The wardrobes were a bit of a challenge, lots of screws. However, I'm a nice guy and I thought I could reasonably spend £10 to get a 2-piece wardrobe set for each room. The second piece was a shelf unit. This came in 22 pieces. Each shelf was three slats screwed to two ends by 6 screws in total, and then screwed to the sides of the unit by 8 more screws. So to assemble the shelf required inserting 56 screws... aaaagh!

But I'm the magic furniture pixie. It all got made.

I even dropped off some post on the way back out of Reading.

I had hoped to watch Doctor Who when we got back, but it had already started. It also refused to be available for download until way too late. So we watched some other crap and then went to bed. Exhausted.

Not really as much effort as Saturday. I had to be up early as we had someone visiting. This mean the restorative crash-out-sleep didn't quite happen as long as I would have liked.

Then we had to drive over to Bath for my girlfriend to take a professional assessment test. This wasn't much effort, and it left me in a hospital atrium, with music playing in the background, to inspire me to do the re-writes of my show. The re-writes promise some extra highlights... I hope.

Then it was a wander around Bath, limbs still aching from the previous day's efforts, and then a stagger home to watch the now-downloaded Doctor Who - and other stuff on TV, which I accompanied with ironing. And that was that.


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