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Tuesday, May 11

Looking Back

I really enjoyed some of last night. I enjoyed it from the moment that we were doing the gig. Before then it was a bit, well, stressful to be honest. It needn't have been stressful, and I had been reasonably well prepared. Unfortunately, a few things got in the way.

I got to Brighton in plenty of time, parked for free right opposite the venue, taking a 15 minute risk on the arrival time (since the free parking started a little after when I stopped the car). I wandered over to the venue, and then problem 1 started. No posters on display. Shit. They must all be on the walls of the other venue; I'd seen some there.

I walked over to the other venue and it became apparent that my posters, which I'd ordered to be delivered to the right venue, had been co-packaged (even though I pay packaging individually) with the ones for the other show which was at the other venue. D'oh. I had to wait until a show had finished so I could collect the remainder of my posters and then take them over to the right venue to put them up. This sort of dampened my spirits.

Then the show before ours didn't happen. This was caused by an accident/injury, so I feel bad for the person who was injured. That said it gave me stress, since there was an hour of nothing happening in the room, which is an hour during which people could leave the venue thinking it's all over.

Then I went into the room and found the PA system was neither working, nor obviously located anywhere I was expecting to find it. I returned to my car for my torch, and then quickly located the PA system. I got it working. It was a good PA system. I was pleased... I like PA systems. That's how I roll.

But I'd left the CD in the car... back to the car. The CD worked. Job done... still 45 minutes to show time. Time to pace and stress.

I did a run around the venue and drummed up some potential trade... then it was show time...

People actually came. That was impressive. I hit the stage and quickly changed gear from "stressed promoter" into "act". The rest of the show was a lot of fun. Really. I hooted with laughter. It was great to be a part of.

The audience were nice. Even the people who forgot to pay on the way in came along and gave me their money. It's not about the money, but that's going to help with the show accounting. That's for sure.

On top of that, I found the missing review for the opening show of The Seven Deadly Sings. It was, overall, a positive review. That's nice. It's not that quotable, but it seemed to get the show and sort of confirmed my own opinioin, which is that the show seems to have a reasonable foundation in terms of message and information, but needs a bit more comic pacing; exactly what I'm trying to do in the re-writes.

So, I ended the day relatively happy. Just a quick 90 minute drive to my hotel on the outskirts of Reading and then we were done.

Unless there's been a secret massive blunder, I'm finally a landlord again. I have 12 months' worth of tenants, which really requires celebration with champagne or some-such. It's been a long bloody journey!

That was the past. Now let the future commence. Two shows tonight, one tomorrow and then a bit of R&R.


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