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Thursday, June 23


It's all happening.

I'm involved in a storm of unrelated activities. There's the day job and the variety of challenges that that presents. Most of those challenges seem to be caused by human frailties. We're not perfect or logical creatures, we humans. We don't see things objectively and we don't necessarily play fair, or even agree on what fair is. That's day jobs for you. You'd only do them if they paid you.

Then there's the stand-up. I've been gigging doing different sorts of sets at different sorts of clubs. Not a huge amount of regular sets at the moment, mind. I've other fish that I need to fry.

There's the Edinburgh Preview season. Unlike some of the people tweeting today about their mad panic in June to have a show ready for previews in July, I've been ready, as I have for the last couple of years, by May. That said, this year is a bit of a cheat, since it's last year's show with edits, which is clearly much less work than writing a new one... or is it?

Well, It probably is, but I'm not noticing the benefits of apparently having more time, since I'm somewhat engrossed in the organisation of Funny's Funny. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time: "No, it'll barely take any time," I erroneously stated to my long-tolerating fiancee. She's done well and left me to it. In fairness, some great stuff has come out of this event, and I'm proud to have been a part of it. It's just been time consuming. Very. Time. Consuming.

Last night we went to showcase 10 or 11 (it's hard to say which, since two were happening on the same night; let's call it showcase 10. It was in Birmingham and had 10 comedians and a headliner and MC. The comedians all did well and each was very distinctive from the others. Such diversity and quality in just one showcase - it makes me think that this event is a hotbed of talent.

But then I'm bound to say that. As an organiser of the event, it's in my interest to look at it positively and to portray it as such. I can't help it. I'm clearly biased. However, if we're talking about reaping the benefits of something like this, I can genuinely say I was grateful for the positive feedback from all I met, and was thrilled to think that we've been able to bring something of this scale together. It makes it so much more real to be there in person.

My fiancee came along to the night, and we jointly facilitated unifying all the judging scores into a single answer - into the system it went and we'll find out who the finalists are in a few days.

Tonight and tomorrow I've got Edinburgh Previews. The showcases for Funny's Funny continue, collectively run by the promoters and organisers and other members of the Funny's Funny team. There's always someone doing something for Funny's Funny. I need, now, to focus on my Edinburgh show. I believe there'll be an audience. All I need to do now is remember the script.

I think an in-car rehearsal is coming up.

A snapshot from my life.




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