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Friday, June 8

The Proof's not in the Pudding

The other day I had the misfortune to hear Phil Spencer, off of "Secret Agent" and "Location Location Location" (or "3x Location") and generic Kirsty Allsop-related other programmes, say "The Proof's In The Pudding". This is several shades of wrong. What a twonk.

As I heard on the recent Skeptics With A K podcast, the word "proof" can be used to mean "test of". So the original phrase "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" actually means - "the best test of a pudding is to eat it". The phrase "the proof's in the pudding" suggests that the test of something involves "pudding". What is "pudding"? Can one "pud"? Who knows!?

I do know that I'm still disillusioned with broadcast TV. I shall continue watching stuff I want to watch at times I want to watch it. Why should I wait for a TV programme to offer itself to me, when I've got access to programmes that were good, and which I can turn on when I want to turn them on? That's my view, anyway.

The other day I made a fish pie. It is not the one pictured above, though the one above was a corker too, though a bit on the solid side. The one I made served as dinner for 6, and was complemented with a wide selection of somewhat oversteamed vegetables. If a job's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. I didn't photograph the results of my labours. If I had there would have been picture of the pie, along with a picture of the huge amount of mess I caused while baking it.

I'm quite clumsy in the kitchen, which is a shame, since I'm pretty much in charge of some dirty and sloppy things while in there. There's a lot of capacity for destruction in the kitchen. Still, I enjoy making the mess.

What I don't enjoy is cleaning up. I don't mind a tidy, a wipe and even a bit of washing up, but we have a cleaner who does things like cleaning the house - that's how she gets her name - and I don't like it when I have to go and deep clean things that are not clean enough. I attacked the shower with gusto on Tuesday and it is still a bit too far gone. Similarly the hob needed some love. Still, if messes will be made, then someone will have to clean them. I think I may continue my trend of doing jobs myself by buying a dog and then taking a crash course in barking.

One job I can't and won't delegate is the production of my Edinburgh show. I'm having a bit of a mental block over how to treat the subject of "the worst song in the world". If I didn't have any ideas it would be easier - the problem is that I have two and I can't quite see how to make the one I like work, where the one that I don't prefer kind of does work, though also doesn't. It's tricky. I always prefer jokes that work over ones that don't, but then you have to question the tone of something that works - are they laughing the right way? This is the "proof of the pudding is in the laughing" question.

I have an ending, I think, but that needs some testing too - it's very new. I also have some editing to try to bring the show towards  the 50 minute mark from the 58 minuter it's currently sitting at, which is bound to cause problems with late starts and show-bloat when we get to Edinburgh.

There are previews galore coming up. Sadly, I'm somewhat ensconced in the whole "running a national comedy competition" thing, so time for rewrites and rehearsals is somewhat limited. My wife is being very practical about this... for now. We'll see how she feels next weekend after I've done a week of comedy straight!

The proof of the marriage... is in the laughing. Probably.


Blogger Steve said...

That's also what's meant, as I'm sure you know, in the expression "the exception that proves the rule" - which actually means the exact opposite of what most people think.

1:53 PM  

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