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Monday, November 25

All in, this has been a good weekend. I've had two rather late mornings - at least later than I would have liked. However, I've managed to make the best of my afternoons/evenings. Saturday night's gig involved the talented 3 Hours Wasted and a bit of chit chat with some interesting people, in between the haunted strainings of the other two bands.

Sunday was a day of me-time. I did my week's shopping, cooked some potato and leek soup and some sort of chinese black-bean-sauce-style dish. However, the main two activities of the day were reading the remarkable novel that is The Perfect Fool and going to see Harry Potter at the cinema.

The cinema trip, not as remarkable as my trip to the first film, had its moments. I decided to hang back after the film to view the cast list. I was convinced that one of the knights in a picture on the wall, who had a single line, was played by Terry Jones - sadly I have no evidence to suggest this, despite reading the credits. I was also looking to see whether I was right when I thought I saw Ms Rowling herself playing "passerby on King's cross platform" - again no proof either way. The other occupants of my row were also reading the credits, so I could not leave until they were done. This was a fortuitous turn of fate since I discovered that the dialogue coach in the film is a relative of mine - I'd never have otherwise known.

I chose to thank one of the two ladies who was blocking my passage (it seemed only polite, given the bizarre outcome of her blockage) and ask who she'd been scanning the credits for. Apparently it was some lad who had asked her out and had attempted to impress her with the immortal words "I'm on the credits of Harry Potter". "Is that was it takes?" I asked as she said that seeing his name had helped her make her decision about dating the gentleman? Apparently so! I shall have to remember that one for the future - "Hey babe! I'm on the credits of the Harry Potter film - yeah, my name... it's Robbie Coltrane."

I enjoyed the Harry Potter film, but it's clearly not intended for the likes of me - the six foot-one lone 28 year old male - the adverts before the film proved that, as did the strange leer I got from the UCI staff (sorry, "cast") member who sold me my overpriced ticket. I don't care! It was fun and indicates much of the depth of Ms Rowling's writing. Sadly it also illustrated some of the shallowness of certain young actors' performances and the "special effects" department. However, I managed to suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy the tale. I also enjoyed the regular tours of the quad of Durham Cathedral that were paraded in front of me - they like that place!

So long Richard Harris - I don't know who baked your cake, but we'll never have that recipe again.

Now, if they need a body-double for Hagrid for the next film... it might just impress someone...


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