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Wednesday, March 19

I'm going to be rich again...

FAX: 234-1-759-0801
Dear friend,

I know that this email will surely come to you as a
surprise, but I will crave your indulgence to view it
seriously and I apologise, but I hope that it will be a
welcome surprise. Before I run out of steam, I will like to
introduce my self and go straight to the point. My name is
Dr.KARIBE DANGOGO, a banker. My primary reason for writing
to you is to seek your partnership/assistance in a business
transaction. I need your partnership and assistance because
of the following reasons:

a. it is practically impossible for me to carry out this
business alone.

b. you live in a foreign land far away from mine. This
should normally not be a requirement, but when you
understand the transaction then you will understand why it
is important that you live far away from me.

c. The amount of money involved in this transaction is
US$18,500,000.00, which is too much for a man of modest
means like my self to handle in my country.

I believe from my few points above, you can begin to get an
idea why I need your participation.

Let me explain how the money, which is the basis of this
business I am proposing, came about. Before I became a
deputy director, some years ago I used to be Accounts
Officer to some special corporate customers. One of these
very important customers of our bank(Union Bank PLC) was
Engineer MUHAMMED Subramanian Sivakumar an Saudi Arabia citizen,
who had
spent most of his years before his death working in Africa
and mostly in Nigeria. He died in a plane crash in 1996 in

This money belonged to him. Technically speaking now,it
belongs only to his name. The money is payment he received
for a contract he executed on behalf of the Federal
Ministry of Works and Housing for the government
(Installation of Pipelines in Warri Refinery).

My reason for deciding to carry out this transaction is
that Engineer Sivakumar did not mention any next of kin in any
of the documents held by the bank for the number of years
he had banked with us. Since 1996 we have searched for any
body that could be related to late Engineer Sivakumar , I was
mandated by the bank to search for a relation of late
Engineer Sivakumar and I did this from January 1997 to December
1999 after which the search was called off in the belief
that soon a relative may turn up to claim his estate.
Nevertheless, as it is, there is no relative.

Now, the Chairman of the bank who is a retired soldier has
indicated his intentions for the money. During the last
meeting of Directors and Deputies, he said that he would
donate the money to a military trust if it is not claimed
soon, this invariably means the continuous flow of more
arms and ammunition. I know for sure that not all of the
money will go to the military trust some will surely line
his pockets and that of anybody who is in support of his

My plan is to get a trust worthy person that can, under my
constant guidance present him self as a cousin to the late
Engineer Govindaraj. I want you to note that your citizenship
does not matter;

You do not have to be an Arabia . The papers demanded by
the normal procedure for the claiming of an inheritance
will take care of everything. You will be sole beneficiary
to the estate of Engineer Govindaraj. All I need is for you to
follow my instructions closely because I am experienced in
inheritance matters here and I am on ground here to advice
you on every step until you receive the money. Then we

For your participation, we will allow you 30% of the gross.
All expenses incurred in the process of this transaction
will be deducted from the gross value and shared at a
commensurate ratio; this we will done at the end of the
transaction, because the money is bonded.

An estimated 10% or less will cover all incidental expenses
and we will take 60% for ourselves. The most important
thing to me right now is trust on both sides. Now the money
is still in the care of the bank, I hope the trust will
still be there when we must have legally established your
relationship as cousin to Engr. Govindaraj and the money is paid
to you. I need also to trust that you will not tell people
or your bank about this business. You will collect the
money first, then I get my share, then you can tell anybody
what you chose thereafter. I shall need your help to invest
in your country; therefore, any experience you have in this
area will be beneficial.

Surely, you must have some questions or may be you just
need further clarification. I will be happy to receive a
telephone call from you or a fax message to this effect,
this will enable me explain further what the next step is
and the general plan. I will also need your most
confidential telephone number and fax number, if you have a
mobile phone I believe it will help so that I can reach you

Please kindly respond by Phone or email only

Your positive and negative response is highly welcome.


I like that... he wants my positive AND negative response. Well, then. Yes and no!


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