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Sunday, September 7

It has most certainly been an odd day. The aim to devote some time to the garden was scuppered by two factors. Firstly, I couldn't shift my sorry ass out of bed before 11.30, and secondly, when I reviewed the weather at this time, I was glad I'd had the extra sleep, since it would have been highly unpleasant gardening in such conditions - damp and nasty.

I've amused myself by writing a wholly inappropriate song on a work-related topic. Musically it's ok and lyrically it's entertaining... the problem is that it has a maximum target audience of about 10 people. Still, it continues to amuse me. Perhaps I'll rewrite the lyrics for another purpose one day.

The shopping at Asda was expensive, but I have managed to use the remainder of this year's rhubarb harvest - it was most unimpressive - and stock up my freezer with my world-class crumble. In this case, owing to a last-minute miscalculation on the subject of sugar, I managed to cover my apple and rhubarb mixture (there really wasn't much rhubarb - hence it getting second billing) with some sort of bizarre cookie dough. However, it tastes pretty reasonable and it will tide me over the winter months. The non-sequitur of Asda price and cooking is actually not a non-sequitur... I just didn't explain myself. I have not really done much in the way of a weekly big shop for a while, usually buying ingredients for sandwiches, soup and little more. Today I tried to buy everything I had run out of. Of course, I forgot a few essentials, so I feel a bit cheated. Such is the way of the world.

This evening I watched "Dr Strangelove". This has to be one of the most amazingly well-constructed films I've seen. The secret is in keeping it tight and concise. Modern films could learn a lot from this 90 minute masterpiece. I then found the time slipping away when I watched the documentary that was also on the DVD... however, that was more because it was making frequent references to the film I'd just seen and so kept my interest.


Blogger Ashley Frieze said...

You know something Ashley of the past. You did that rewrite. You took the song you wrote for a pointless work thing and turned it into the song and dance closing number of the reasonably successful show you performed on stage in May of the following year. Strange how hindsight can answer musings.

1:24 AM  

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