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Sunday, December 14

Weekends eh?
What are they all about then!? What is it with weekends? I should point out, at this stage, that this is a summary of this weekend, purposely dated on the last minute of it, while having been written at various points over its last day (and into the morning of the next week). This is one of the thing weekends are about... writing about weekends and staying up too late.

I should start with a word of frustration from last Saturday. Aaaagh. There. That's the word. Last Saturday had many merits - well two major ones. Firstly I had a good friend over for the better part of the day writing music, and secondly I had some fantastic chips from the nearby chinese takeaway. The flip-side to this fun being that I was suffering my malady in ignorance of what it was. The frustration I suffered was entirely caused by a morning's shopping trip in town during which I bought absolutely nothing. Nothing! Can you believe it!?

What could cause such an absence of luck? Well - who knows? Possibly that I was on the search for the following items:
  • Some cotton lightweight lounge-pants to use as pyjamas
  • Cotton underwear
  • A comb
  • Cotton buds
Quite a cotton theme. I cannot emphasise the need for cotton enough (particularly on one's unmentionables). I was surprised by my inability to find any of these things. I became light headed from my condition, irritable and generally bad tempered. I nearly had a go at a woman in a mobility scooter, but stopped myself just in time.

In fairness to myself. The mobility scooter woman deserved a good shouting at. She had a bad attitude. She was driving round at around 10 mph, annoyed that people were in her way. Of course they were - she was going way too fast for pedestrians. She was rude... I should have had a go at her, but I was too annoyed - it would have been hard to make it clear that I had a point, and not just look like some guy harrassing the disabled.

This weekend was an improvement. For a start my Saturday shopping trip yielded the comb - 15p, Wilko - who would have thought they would be so hard to find!? I also found a couple of shirts in BHS - reduced. They proved to be reduced even further when I got them to the till. The assistance charged me a good £10 less than I expected and then, in the spirit of things being small, proceeded to ball them up into as tight a space as possible and cram them into the bag.

Sadly BHS proved to be a bad idea from the point of view of lounge pants - their overpriced pants did have pockets, but they also had 18% viscose. I want pure cotton.

A quick word on the subject of lounge pants
Why do I want lounge pants? I use them as pyjamas because I don't want a tight fitting purpose-made pyjama. I want some thing loose and lightweight, which I can wear with or without a T-shirt. I have had a couple of pairs of exactly the sort of trousers I want to wear in bed for quite some time. Around 8 years, in fact.

With two pairs, why do I need more?

Well, the problem is that my green pair had developed a hole in them - around the place where holes should not be, both from the point of view of support and privacy. There's no point in having pants on if your goolies are on display.

With a lot of wearing and rolling around in bed recently, my blue pair have developed a wide range of holes... replacements required.

The answer - ASDA. Today I found exactly what I wanted. They have a draw-string and even a button front for convenient frontal "tasks". Cheap and to the point. That's what it's all about. Result!

Aside - turn out not to be draw string. They have string but no drawing capability... D'oh! Still, very effective as leg coverings (and coverings for the goolies).

Other cotton items were discovered between Saturday and Sunday. The cotton supplies are complete.

Making movies
Above all, it has been a weekend of movie watching. Well, not above ALL, but above many other things, that's for sure. I went to see Love Actually and then, within a couple of hours, Timeline.

I could point out that Love Actually is a bit of an arduous watch for a single man, sitting alone on an otherwise unoccupied row of a cinema. I could also point out that it seems to contain almost all entirely unbelievable characters. I enjoyed it in places. Perhaps I was a bit cynical.

Timeline was an example of formula writing. Based on a book I enjoyed by Michael Crichton (another formula writer) the screenplay was desperately predictable. It wasn't really that well executed, though Billy Connolly was very good. Anna Friel was reasonably watchable too... so not a complete waste of the ticket price.

That was Saturday's viewing. Sunday saw me watching the last of my unwatched Morecambe and Wise DVD movies. That Riviera Touch - a classic. Well, not their best. In my opinion The Intelligence Men is their best film. Still, this one was entertaining. Running gags. Excellent performances from Eric and a script showing a naive innocent age... with some hilarious moments. I laughed out loud! They don't make em like that anymore.

Went to a couple of gigs over the weekend. I feel like my mind is still in the right mood for comedy. I need to have a good gig (my last one of the year is on Wednesday).

Friday was the Cornerhouse in Newcastle and Sunday was the Brickyard in Carlisle. Much hilarity ensued. It was nice to get out and watch some comedy. Shame I missed the Eddie Izzard gig, though.

I also spent the weekend trying to write a Bond theme for comedic effect - I'm nearly there.

Wrapping up
A lot of action this weekend... and a lot of sleeping.

A moderate amount of porridge and I think I even managed to get my stomach primed for the idea of eating properly again. Quite an achievement overall.


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