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Monday, February 16

While waiting for this computer to do something, I suppose I could put some meat on the bones of what's been happening since the post at the month's start, which was itself after a frenetic weekend's activity.

A lot of what I've been doing has revolved around rehearsals for Camelot, and quite rightly so. The show has been in rehearsal since September and it's the sort of show which needs a lot of thought before it's put on. I'm still finding new ways to play my minor role in the performance - albeit only subtely different from all the other ways I've tried.

Peter over at The Funny Magnet ran a couple of inaugural gigs this mont and I was at them both. I also went to a new gig in Newcastle, which I then ended up performing in - slightly unexpected, but all part of the fun.

I've been working on writing a musical with my cohort CP and we've high hopes. This is going to take a lot of effort and work to make it happen. March will be an important month for it. Watch this space.

I had a very tiring day last week when I did a day trip to High Wycombe and then got back in time for a 3 hour rehearsal. The hire car, in which I drove some 9 or 10 hours, was a Micra... I actually enjoyed driving the wee beastie. It didn't feel powerful, but it willingly did my bidding and I'm used to driving a larger car. It didn't have much boot space, mind!

Valentines weekend was spent at another comedy gig premier. This gig was run by in Kilmarnock. I'd never been to Kilmarnock before and the fact that they booed when the MC said I was from England didn't bode well. We had some fun together, though. I opened the show and surprised myself when I found that I hadn't picked up the guitar for a good few minutes after the start of my set. Usually, the guitar comes in very quickly. It was nice having a chance to talk as well as sing. I suppose I'll miss the beard - I can get a minute's worth of laughs out of it. One more bearded gig to go and then I find out whether it's the beard that was making me funny all along!


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