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Saturday, April 10

Today was something of a mixed bag of nuts. Woken by the postman, I decided to go back to bed for a bit. Waking up late morning it was breakfast and then a walk into town for lunch... well, actually, I walked into town, learning some lines, in order to buy clip frames. I ended up buying a few extra items - I'm like that. I should not go out of the house with money, I might save myself a lot of expense.

After buying what I bought, some of which constitutes props for The Musical!, I returned home. On the bus home (I had too much to carry) I took a shine to a nice lady carrying a large white canvas. My "shine" luckily didn't overspill in a way which she became aware of, but I sat for the journey, dying to make some comment to her about the large white canvas (which I assume she's going to paint on) - "Modern Art, eh?" - in my mind this comment was going to make her laugh so hard that she immediately proposed that we go out on a date. In reality, I got off the bus without making so much as eye contact. It was one of those moments where you realise that a throwaway gag and a complete stranger do not make good bedfellows... Still, I can publish my foolish thoughts to the entire world on the internet, that won't cause anyone any embarrassment.

Arriving home, I had time to put on some glasses and get in the car in search of carpet. Another prop. I found a carpet shop and I've bought a truly evil Wilton remnant.

Nothing exciting happened in Asda. Typical. I could have enjoyed some excitement.

Home cleaning tasks seem strangely appropriate and today has seen me cleaning the bathroom more thoroughly than I would normally have done. I've also been putting items in and out of washing/drying machines. Such is my productive nature on a bank holiday weekend.

My gig schedule feels quite lean, yet I have three gigs between now and next week. It only goes to show how much I'd become accustomed to gigging nearly every day, as I was for most of last month. There's no rest for me, though. I have plenty to organise. I really hope this stuff doesn't all go belly up - that would be most disappointing.


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