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Wednesday, May 26

Have I mentioned The Musical! recently? I really ought to. I'm telling everything. 3500 seats to sell in Edinburgh and we've got other previews of the show under starter's orders at the moment. More announcements to be made shortly no doubt.

This has been a weird, and yet also wonderful, week so far. I could have died. I didn't. I'm also getting a new toy. That's the summary, and now to the detail.

On Monday I sat in a building society manager's office and discussed the very adult subject of mortgages - it's time to move my mortgage to another lender - fixed rate interest periods being complete and all that hooey. Although I had to take a very serious decision, affecting up to the next 20 years of my financial future, I tried to keep it as jaunty and up-beat as possible. I closed the meeting by plugging the Edinburgh show. Result!

On Monday night I went to bed early, this was after I'd helped my musical collaborator toast the end of his exams. Admittedly, he continued toasting after I sloped off for an early bath. I had to be in bed early (and anything before 11pm is very early for me) since I had a business trip yesterday and needed to be fresh enough to take a long car journey (yes, I know I'm always doing long car journeys, but seldom for work and seldom after just waking up - at least in the morning). To be even more specific, I had to be in Chipping Campden by 10.30am and I was waking up in Newcastle. I set the alarm for 4.30am, with the plan to be on the road by 5am.

As it happens, I woke at the time I planned to, but pottered a bit (which was probably a good idea) as I got myself washed and ready for the trip. I got on the road at 5.30am, which was plenty of time to travel the 240 miles required. Sadly, the car started misbehaving after a couple of hours on the road and I found myself at the roadside, nursing a blowout. The car had started vibrating, with or without power, and then the characteristic flapping noise of the blowout hit my ears. Luckily, I managed to find a hard shoulder in a joining slip-road. This was great - I was a lane away from the traffic and only at risk from people coming down the slip road - nobody did. In addition, the blowout had been the rear tyre on my side of the car. This had not affected my control of the car too much and so was not too hairy. I think I was quite calm at the time.

I then had to decide - should I change my clothes from suit to jeans (in the road) or just get on with changing the wheel in my suit. I did it suited. Wearing sunglasses. Quite nonchalantly. I think I was probably the coolest motorist on the roadside changing his wheel that day. And I didn't die. Oh yeah! Rock!

The meeting went well and then I had some time to spend as I wished. One thing led to another and I found myself deciding to come back North up the Western side of the country, rather than via the usual Eastern route. This meant I could watch (and subsequently review) the show at XS Malarkey. I had a good night. I've never been an audience member there before - always been there to perform. I even sat in the audience bit of the room. It's a great club. We had a good laugh.

Of course tonight I'll be a comedy club too... and Friday... and Sunday... but they're in the future.

Today I also agreed to get a new mobile phone - the people at the phone company sounded really keen. They don't want any money for it... well, they do, but in the form of a new contract, which I'll happily pay - I was going to pay for it anyway! Yay! New toys!

Sometimes it's great being me.

Mind you, I'm already exhausted and my throat and chest are suffering - at least, although gigging, I'm not singing tonight. A bit more compereing... should be fun!

Must do some more work.


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