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Sunday, October 24

Donner und blitzen
There was something quite amazing about the drive back from Yorkshire this evening. The rain was pelting down, I had Radio 2 playing classical music loudly in my ears (during a rather eclectic 90 minute show which also features broadway hits) and the skies were on fire. At first, I thought that there were a few rogue fireworks about, but then I realised that this was nature's own work. So, as they played the waltz from Swan Lake, I was treated to a night-time display of natural fireworks, almost in time to the music. It was truly beautiful - occasional arcs of lightning could be seen among the flashes.

Sadly, the immense rain brought with it the occasional moments of concern as the wheels of the car were too immersed in water to be effective as road grippers - during these moments, you have to trust in the laws of physics and assume that the momentum will bring you out the other end pointing the right way. Driving under such conditions is one of the few ways I can get an adrenaline hit these days.

Home and watching
I decided to plum the depths of the unwatched DVDs on my return and I've now seen Johnny English, which I'd heard was pretty good. It's not. It's not bad, and it paints a wonderful picture of young Miss Natalie Imbruglia, but it's hardly a work of classic British filmmaking. I've come to believe that the script is to blame. The pace and special effects were excellent, as were the performances from Rowan Atkinson, Ben Miller, the aforementioned Aussie act/song-stress and the man who's always being John Malkovitch, John Malkovitch. Watching the making of, I realised that the director, who hinted at some fantastic insight into comedy, was actually Our Joey from the now defunct comedy, Bread. However, despite all of these, the script was predictable and the humour beneath the obvious talents of the cast. If you were going to cast a hapless Mr Bean style character in a spy movie, this is the obvious way for him to bumble through it. We've seen it all before in Naked Gun...

...which was a shame, because the core of this film was very watchable. I enjoyed it. It just didn't impress me. I know it could have been so much better. Still, the DVD cost all of £3 and it was one way to while away a wet Sunday evening.

Anyway, the week ahead is to be a busy one, so I'm off for some shut-eye, to sleep, perchance to have a bit read first.


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