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Sunday, November 28

What is a waste of a Saturday? I don't know. I know that I've had an enjoyable time over the last few hours, but I can't describe it as productive. Maybe it was the sort of day I needed. Maybe I've just wasted some of my life.

Following breakfast - thick sliced toast with scrambled egg and brown sauce, I messed around on the computer, finished reading The Woman in White and started reading another book. I had a bath and then watched some TV. The TV show was simply superb - composer Howard Goodall taking apart the music of the Beatles to show how good it was. It was pretty much the equivalent of a really good GCSE music lesson. I knew some of what he was talking about, but to hear it described in those terms, well, it inspired me. For Channel 4 to have made such a programme is quite a surprise. It's probably cheap to make, most of it being down to Mr Goodall's script and some split-screen pseudo-pop-video shots to keep it visually interesting. I was going to leave the house earlier, but the show rooted me to the living room.

Once 8pm had arrived, I scooted off to help a friend move house. Well, move from one flat to another. I didn't know the precise destination and I was surprised to find that I was going to be delivering the car load of stuff and new tenant to none other than the complex of flats I first lived in when I came to Newcastle as a student. Not only that, but the same block. Block D (of 4). Had it been the same flat and same room, I might have been totally freaked out. As it was, I found myself on the inside of a complex of flats that I had not visited since being a student. This was totally weird. Especially when I had to walk past the kitchen window and then front door of my old flat on the way to the flat we were visiting - the next in number.

I gave the keys back for flat D2 in June 1993 and never expected to see it again. I never hoped to see it again if I'm honest. It was really odd suddenly finding myself there again.

I came home, with a pizza from Domino's - the audacity of them, advertising alongside The Simpsons on Sky One... it works. I then proceeded to watch a making of programme that I'd already seen, but which came on the League of Gentlemen DVD that I bought last week, and so needed to be watched for the full value for money thing. I followed this viewing extravaganza with the film Brassed Off. This was a good movie, showing off a lot of British talent and containing a lot of good music. I've realised that I like a hell of lot of different forms of music. This is a good thing. I will always have something to listen to which suits my mood. It can be brass band music, or it could be hard rock. I don't mind.

The diet starts tomorrow. Honestly.


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