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Tuesday, December 21

Monday was certainly a busy day...
...and I'm possibly dealing with the jinxed computer setup from hell. Everything I do to sort out this computer system goes wrong. I dropped some CDs round today, realising, as I was explaining what was on them, that they were the wrong CDs. It's infuriating. However, it should sort itself out tomorrow.

Incidentally, tomorrow is my last day in Newcastle. It's going to be pretty action-packed, though I'm not sure whether it will be as fun-filled as today. Let's see how today actually worked out.
  • Cycled into the office - well, that's already known, since it was in my post of earlier on.
  • Spent some of the morning groaning about my sore legs
  • Tackled an annoying but ultimately satisfying problem, relating to some notes I had had no idea what to do with
  • Grabbed a quick lunch - the oriental lady in the sandwich shop doesn't listen; I know English is not her first language, but I speak clearly and she understands me when I repeat myself without slowing down (ok, maybe I could be a bit more forgiving... but aaagh!)
  • Went to a slow sales meeting, where I gave a presentation which was not slow - it perked the room up... comedy skills!
  • We reviewed something or other
  • Then a big full-company meeting
  • Then a quick meeting with the boss
  • Then I intended to do some last minute sorting out jobs (it was 6.30pm by this stage) but ended up in conversation (albeit work-related) with a colleague, counselling him on a work problem
  • Then I cycled home: the hard way
  • I didn't go into the house - I went straight out to deliver the wrong CD: D'oh!
  • Then to Tesco for some essential supplies
  • Home. Food. Washing up.
  • Laundry
  • Tidying the house
  • More laundry
  • Organising my mp3 collection to re-upload it to the mp3 player for my London trip
...and that's brought me to now. It's really been a massive day and I'm very tired. My legs can just about thunder me up and down the stairs.

I'm amazed at how much weight I've obviously put on since August. I wore the same pair of brown trousers for most of August and some of September. They were reasonably loose, especially in the first week of the Fringe. Now they barely go on. But I shall get them loose again... indeed, they shall be so loose that I won't be able to wear them. Damn my sweet-toothed folly in putting on weight. Those London streets and my bike will cure me... unless I foolishly feel like I can substitute for the exercise by eating a pile of rubbish. In this latter case, my belly and chest will remain the same size, but my thighs will get fatter with the extra muscle. My problem with trousers will then increase - they'll have to encompass both big fat thighs and a big waist. Let's assume that I'm not that stupid... it's quite a trusting assumption.

I should have gone to a tap dancing rehoysal for Guys and Dolls tonight. It was not mandatory and I wanted to go. I just couldn't. I was in the office until after 7.30 (15 minutes after it started). I cycled home in about 25 minutes - not bad, considering the huge hill I tackled - it wasn't the big big big hill, but it wasn't an easy route. I kept going. I'm still not entirely safe on the bike, but I need to get used to challenging heavy traffic, and I think I held my own pretty well. As well as being exhausted when I reached home, I still had many chores to get done. I want the house in order before scooting away to London. This is simply because I will not have the energy to put things straight on my return and I like the idea of returning to a haven, rather than a hell.

I haven't actually packed anything yet, but I have sorted out a lot of things, which should make the packing a bit simpler. I'm playing this trip by ear. It should be ok. What's the worse that can happen?


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