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Monday, April 18

I didn't want to do it. I really didn't, but I had to. I'd already cancelled the gig in Ayr I was due to do tomorrow, but I had to face facts: my singing voice was really rough and I was in a lot of pain. I wasn't going to be able to perform the open spot at the Comedy Store in Manchester that they had invited, that's INVITED, me to do. I was rather pissed off to have to cancel it, but there was no point in giving a bad performance and setting myself back longer than if I postponed giving a good one.

I rang the Manchester branch and the guy I needed to speak to wasn't there. So, I rang the London branch. I was put through to someone who is responsible for this sort of thing. I told him who I was and he knew of me. That's kind of cool. He told me that he'd sort out the postponement of the gig on the 20th and we also discussed the possibility of a gig at the Store in London. That's quite a prestigious venue. If I, one day, decide to stop doing stand-up, it would be nice to think that I'd at least given it a fair crack of the whip and gotten to play some good venues. Even an open spot at the Comedy Store in Leicester Square feels like some sort of achievement. I know it's not "hitting the big time", but I'd at least like to enjoy the small time while I'm in it.

As a consolation prize for not having the chance to do my gig, I watched the Bill Bailey "Part Troll" DVD. It was a great gig. The "extras" on the disc included a video diary sort of thing. While my life as a stand-up is motorways and motorway service stations, with issues like "night pay" and the quality of sandwiches, Bill's appears to be motorways, big venues, and the tea and coffee making facilities of hotels. It's sad, but I related to it in a twisted sort of a way.


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